Phillip McKewin Facilitator


Phillip Mckewin's passion for people, self awareness and personal growth first began when he worked as a sales manager in his family business. He attended Mind Power Courses, travelled to the USA for Mastery Programs, and became a Co-Leader of MasterMind Groups back home in Australia. From here his passion and curiosity for understanding human behaviour and human potential began to shift to a more personal and humanitarian level. This curiosity lead him to seek out metaphysical masters and world leaders in diverse feilds of consciousnesss, quantum physics, alternative therapies and ancient wisdoms.

Phillip's journey has taken him from being a student of the mind, to becoming aware that to truly know thyself is to be a student of the soul. His mentor Graeme O’Brien, co-founder of Phoenix Rising Seminars Australia, also introduced Phillip to the healing power of various bodywork therapies, and awakened Phillip’s awareness to the transformational journey of healing the emotional body.

Phillip is extremely passionate about bringing together everything that he has learnt to the global community, and in doing so he very much adopts the Osho principal of non–attachment.. “be open to everything and attached to Nothing”.

Some of the Modalities he has accessed over his time include; Mind Power (Alpha), Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Polarity therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Inner Child and Family Systems, Meditation, Rebirthing, Bodywork, Numerology, Reflective Facilitation, Values Elicitation, Belief Changing, Body Drawing, Emotional Release, Universal Principals and Energy Training, Feung Shui and True Wealth Creation, Master Mind Groups, Art/Drawing Therapy, Tantra, Pathways to Manhood Foundation, Journey of the Masculine Men’s Groups, Earth Wisdom Teachings, Member of NSAA (National Speakers Association) for over 10 years.

·        Please note Phil does not see himself as a practitioner of any of these modalities, they are just different teachings and different philosophies that he has studied and been influenced by.

Phillip shares his message via Presentations & Workshops throughout Australia and Internationally. Contact Us now for more information about the workshops or if you have any general questions.