Testimonials For One On One Sessions


My life was going okay, so I felt that I didn’t really need ‘help’ or ‘change’ in a major way. I knew that I needed to be kind to myself, as I’d had a few rough years that had taken their toll – a marriage break down, major health issues and confusion around my work direction.

Emotional highs and lows seemed to be dominating my life, but actually, things had always been that way. I was determined to remain a positive person, not someone who puts a dampener on life by feeling angry, bitter or sorry for myself. I was doing okay, you know, putting on a brave face, smiling, helping others and basically managing my sadness and frustration as best I could.

I was open to ideas from others, so I thought I would listen to what Phil had to say about how I was handling things. Talking with Phil was relaxed and comfortable, but I wasn’t expecting anything special to happen during our conversations. However, I began to notice that Phil seemed different from other counsellors or life coaches I had met before.

Phil was able to focus in on things I was saying and somehow, see deeper, to the core issues. He would listen intently, then explained to me what he felt was actually going on in my life. He helped me time and time again, on each occasion, assisting me to get to the heart of key issues that had been interfering with my ability to live life the way I wanted to.

Phil has a gift of seeing things so clearly. Once I realized I had been provided with an amazing opportunity, I let down my guard and really opened my heart. Phil listened with the utmost respect and consideration for my unique life experiences.

Phil did more than just listen. At every step, he offered words and practical suggestions that brought me insight, clarity and healing. As I accepted the words of wisdom, amazing things began to happen for me. True healing took place in my heart, mind and soul. Healing as I had not experienced before.

Since spending time talking with Phil, I have had breakthroughs in many of my personal relationships. In particular, things have improved for me with my mother, my ex-husband, my close friends and even my business associates. I now have a much better understanding as to the role I have played in creating positive and negative relationships in my life.

Before meeting Phil, I was not new to self-analysis or self-growth. I had read many books and attended self-help groups and courses. I knew about “co-dependency”, “boundaries” and “abuse cycles”. I was aware that I must have somehow been contributing to the difficulties in my life.

I kept finding myself repeating destructive patterns. It was highly frustrating and added to my sense of hopelessness about life ever changing or relationships improving. As much as I tried to forgive myself, I was weighed down with guilt, shame and feeling responsible for others. It was like I could read about what I had to change, I could verbalise what I had to change, but, I just couldn’t change.

I know now that I needed to learn how to look inwards at myself and my core beliefs. Then, I had to look even deeper to discover where those core beliefs came from. Phil literally held my hand and supported me every step of the way. It wasn’t easy, but with my courage and determination and Phil’s guidance, I unlocked the doors to many answers. The best part was, the answers were in me all the time!

If you have courage, a sense of hope and a willingness to look inside yourself for the answers, then I commend you and encourage you to open your heart to Phil. He is a man of integrity. If you will take this first step, I know will notice the difference in your life – immediately.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Jane Beale
Buff Point NSW.