Testimonials For The 'Laws Of Attraction' Seminar


I found the day beneficial and enjoyable. The de-cluttering process I found great and really supported what I am trying to do in my life at the moment. Great facilitation from Phil and support from Lani and Tracey.

Sonia, Newcastle

It has given me a clearer path in taking the steps of changing my life. I now realise that I don't have to take huge steps for change. Just by taking small steps and having the feeling of trust and focus to know that I can achieve

Suzy, Newcastle

Uplifting! Was unsure of what to expect, brought up emotions that needed to be dealt with to move forward and attract positivity in my life. Enjoyed deepening my connection to others.

Debbie Prinsloo, Newcastle

I felt really good and comfortable being part of this workshop. Enjoyed the company of everyone there. The process of de-cluttering really triggered the need top sort through and let go of many different items I have hung onto. I intend to practice and reflect on the exercises shared with us.

Cate Paton, Newcastle

I found most things of benefit. Mostly reassuring my beliefs and giving me tools to further enhance myself.

Mick Green, Newcastle

It was an encouraging experience. Has helped give me some practical tools to go home and use like the de-cluttering. I found the anchoring difficult but trust it will be fruitful and I intend to practice it.

Anne Couley, Newcastle

Really clarified the steps that I need to take to start consciously creating the life that I want and gave me a great boost of positive energy to start doing it.

Jane West, Newcastle

It was a beautiful day and it was great to share it with you. The most positive thing is that everyone had the same goal - to change the things in our lives that do not serve us well. You did a great job in presenting 'the way' of empowerment. It is now up to each one of us to take action and be who we want to be and receive what we want to receive.

Jan Daniels, Newcastle

Thank you so much for this opportunity. It has definitely taken me to new heights. Looking forward to making it happen.

Bernie Shields, Newcastle

Enlightening - not quite what I expected but I don't know what I expected. Confronting and I feel like I have lived my life using the wrong map. I have a better map and need to trust it.

Deborah, Newcastle

Thank you for today. I knew I had the power, I just didn't realise it with 100% certainty - now I do!

Justine Pollard, Newcastle

First of all, I would like to thank Phil and Tracey for projecting extreme positive vibes and bringing us into a sense of trust and giving us the confidence to let go and accept the state of euphoria that I personally achieved by the end of the day. This experience was magnified by the other people who, along with me, were searching for a new journey. The stepping into the circle of excellence exercise was an experience of combining total oneness with total unity. I have never been one to yell out in public. I usually feel self-conscious. But I felt that I would have been letting myself down if I did not scream/yell out with full capacity. I did it, I felt released, it felt good, no, it felt great!

Sandra Dowley, Newcastle

I feel really blessed to have been part of today. When I saw 'The Secret', the ideas really lined up with the other readings and thoughts I'd been exposed to at that time. I feel it was really good for me. I often struggle with being able to experience certain emotions, but today was good because I was able to relate to occasions when I have felt that 'YES' of trust, certainty and focus previously.

Dorothy James, Newcastle

Thank you for your effort, commitment and support. It helped me to think through some issues - and I need to follow through further with that.

Glenda Clarke, Newcastle

I have done a lot of this work and know that this is REAL and works but, as Phil says, you don't get any confirmation of this in the outside world and I badly needed to be reminded. One of the tools I needed reminding about was the 'feeling' rather than the 'thinking. I thought Phil and Tracey did extremely well fitting in as much as they did in a limited time. There is so much to cover. Hopefully everyone will want to continue with their own personal journey. INVALUABLE INFORMATION - great stuff.

Sonia Munro, Newcastle

The day was very informative with strategies to apply to my life now to place me in a strong position to change negative thoughts and patterns. I now continue my journey in life awaiting my abundance to come to me when appropriate.

Lee-Anne, Newcastle

Brilliant. Really built on 'The Secret" movie and gave us some challenges to follow up and really keep us honest in our journey to manifest what we want in life.

Kevin, Newcastle

Great day. Good reawakening, reorganising of stuff I have used in the past.

Kerry, Newcastle

Completely enjoyed the day. Both Phil and Tracey are very stimulating and encouraging. How wonderful it is to be around people who are positive and spiritual. Keep up the good work, the world needs more people like you.

Suzanna, Newcastle

As always Phil delivered an awesome experience. Access to deep levels of self belief were constructed which was a very empowering experience - Thank you!

Bernadette Jennings, Newcastle

Thank you for the day. I have a lot to think about and talk about with my partner and family.

Michelle Priestley, Newcastle

I have been working on myself now for at least 12 months. Today was a reinforcing of all I have been learning. I do feel empowered to move on with my life. I know I can change my life. You are doing a great job reaching out to others. Thank you.

Michelle Farrell, Newcastle