Testimonials - Long Term Unemployed Workshops


I have found this course very beneficial to myself, it has given me positive clarity and direction for my future.

P.B. Northern Rivers, NSW

There was a huge opportunity to really achieve and benefit in what the course provided to the fullest if the participants wanted to and were willing.

Andreas Northern Rivers, NSW

Thank you very much. I now know the only person I need is me and I can do anything if I tell myself I can. I have followed patterns and I am going to break them.

T.D. Northern Rivers, NSW

Very instructive and very positive course. Would recommend it to all.

W.G. Northern Rivers, NSW

The course helped me to communicate better with other people.

J.B. Northern Rivers, NSW

The course supported me in moving through an important emotional block that is going to change my life.

P.N. Northern Rivers, NSW

This course came at an excellent time in my life as I had just started to head in a new direction. This has just confirmed my views. I have a great respect for Phil and Tracey, They stand up for what they believe in, even though a lot of people do not understand.

G.R. Northern Rivers, NSW

I got a lot out of this course, basic things that I had overlooked about my outlook on life.

M.N. Northern Rivers, NSW

Enjoyed the course. Found it quite enlightening. I am going home now to clean out the garbage in my life.

S.N. Northern Rivers, NSW

I think this course is good for people with poor self evaluation. I think this could benefit a lot of people.

Shannon. Northern Rivers, NSW

This course should be run regularly. This course should be implemented throughout all employment places. It can change your life for the better and it will change my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of this course. It will give me the confidence I need.

B.L. Northern Rivers, NSW

When I first came to this course I was a bit sceptical as to what I could learn but on finishing I have found that I have probably gained more from it than I thought was possible.

M.D. Northern Rivers, NSW

At first you think some of the exercises were irrelevant but then later you see the wisdom in them. Great job. Thank you.

K.G; Mid North Coast, NSW

Thanks, I have learnt lots about myself.

C.R; Mid North Coast, NSW

Only people who want to help themselves will benefit from this course. Good for self-esteem.

R.D; Mid North Coast, NSW

The training had been wonderful, clear and very understandable. From day one I have been feeling like a new person.

C.B., Mid North Coast, NSW

Very awakening - wish I could do more

James, South Coast, NSW

Helped me a lot with confidence and communication. This course would help every body to understand themselves better.

J.B; South Coast, NSW

It was different but something that you need to hear and I would recommend this course to all people.

A.A; South Coast, NSW

I am truly grateful that this course has been made available to me at this point in my life. It has truly helped me.

M.C; Central Coast, NSW

The training was excellent. Almost everything that we talked about I could relate to and it helped me a lot.

T.I; Central Coast, NSW

I think it is an excellent course for anyone who is willing to participate in getting support for becoming more aware of who they are and what they want in life, relationships or work.

L.W; Central Coast, NSW

I was extremely happy with what I have learned and experience. Thank you.

A.W; Northern Rivers, NSW

Would recommend this course to others.

W.D; Northern Rivers, NSW

Deeply significant insights into personal empowerment and motivation. Extremely grateful for this fresh approach to alleviate and expel limited beliefs and patterns to move ahead in life. Thanks to management for initiating this important programme.

P.P; Northern Rivers, NSW

Doing this course has helped me find myself again. Thank you.

W.W; Northern Rivers, NSW

I found the course enjoyable and it opened my way of thinking and processing information. I feel more confident and feel good about the future. Thank you.

R.J; Northern Rivers

Would recommend this course to anyone with a few doubts to overcome their fears - this course will certainly give anyone the skills to get beyond their perceived limitations. Thank you very much.

S.M; Northern Rivers, NSW

Invaluable. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to do this course. It has left me with a sense of empowerment and confidence to make choices in my life. The instructors are gifted facilitators.

C.S; Northern Rivers, NSW

After doing this course, I feel empowered to make some positive and significant changes in my personal, social and work relationships. Thank you so much.

T.S; Northern Rivers, NSW

I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for assisting me in accessing the fears that I have been carrying. I thank you for an excellent course which provides me with the confidence and personal empowerment to step out in the world and let my own light shine for all the world to see without fear of failure or rejection. Thank you to management for providing this course.

J.E; Northern Rivers, NSW

Keep up the great work. This training gave me more to open myself up and motivate confidence to do what I need to do. Would be good to run these courses on a regular basis.

S.K; Northern Rivers, NSW

Great to get connected to our feelings and taking it, the new way, into our own life. It is such a life embracing experience and I am very thankful for the chance to participate. Thank Phil and Tracey. Thank you to Management.

C.B; Northern Rivers, NSW

I felt for myself that the program offered me with the answers that I needed to know but didn't know how to ask the questions. I have achieved so much from this course.

G.G; Northern Rivers, NSW

I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this course. It has opened me up to new things and I am sure it will help me in the future.

S.G; Northern Rivers, NSW

By doing this course, I believe that I have gained knowledge about myself that I may not have found anywhere else in life.

B.S; Northern Rivers, NSW

This training has been a wonderful experience for me and I found it extremely beneficial. I feel this course would be very beneficial to anyone that would like to learn a little more about themselves.

T.C; Mid North Coast, NSW

I feel that by doing this course it will help me more to see the limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours that hold me back from achieving my full potential. Phil and Tracey have very good skills and techniques however, as with anything, you have to utilise the techniques when finished the workshop.

R.S; Mid North Coast, NSW

Gave me the hope and courage to look towards my future and give it direction.

S.N; Mid north Coast, NSW

Phil and Tracey have completely embraced any issue that has come up for me and supported me in dealing with it. They have given me tools that will change and improve my life.

A.J; Mid North Coast, NSW

I feel as though my 'mask' has been removed and I feel great. I feel free to express myself more. More people should experience this course. It has made me believe in myself again.

S.G, Mid North Coast, NSW

Phil and Tracey are two of the nicest people that I have met. They seem to be very passionate about helping people.

G.E; Mid North Coast, NSW

Helps in focusing on my goals and ambitions. Puts everything into perspective

A.W; South Coast, NSW

Thoroughly enjoyed the program. The training was excellent. Good course that helps people with emotional and confidence lacking skills.

B.M; South Coast, NSW

I thought the trainers had a lot of patience and were very understanding of all participants. Well done.Helps in focusing on my goals and ambitions. Puts everything into perspective

M.W; Canberra, ACT

The course gives you a perception of what things could be, would be and should be in life and in general.

C.C; Canberra, ACT

I now believe more in myself and have a greater self confidence.

J.S; Newcastle, NSW

The course has been very beneficial. A good motivational booster.

P.K; Newcastle, NSW

The training has made me more aware of my feelings and capabilities.

J.D; Newcastle, NSW

I now have the necessary skills to tackle the problems that have confronted me in the past. I hope through constant practice I can learn to apply these skills to all other area of my life.

L.T; South Coast, NSW

Best thing I have ever done in my life. Totally Enlightening. Awesome. Fantastic. I am so glad I did this. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to find true peace and enlightenment. What a fun way to move forward as a human being.

T.A; Northern Rivers, NSW

I feel really guided to where the next little steps have to be taken in my life . I have really benefited from doing the training. Thank you so much.

I.K; Northern Rivers, NSW