EDITION 41 - February 2013

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The time for creating community is NOW!

Welcome to the February
2013 Newsletter.

Welcome to the great shift in consciousness that is transforming us from the inside-out!

No-one is escaping this dear friends. We are all experiencing the changes that many ancient prophecies and old earth traditions have been speaking about for quite some time. We are living in a time when richer experiences of being in relationships are being yearned for, more creativity is being expressed, circles of love and community are being formed, the earth is reclaiming her sacred ground, and the passion and drive to make a meaningful contribution to the planet is rising up within all of us.

If you are resonating with these words then you may also have noticed that within the great shift lies an awareness that no one is journeying on this quest alone. Our awareness for the need for community is growing, and we are coming together to pool our resources, our ideas, our hearts, our potential, and our souls together, so that we can affect greater change, for ourselves, for each other, and for the whole planet.

Community allows us to feel our place in the world by supporting us to move through our resistance to love, our reluctance to truly go for it, and commit ourselves 100% to the journey of our own awakening. It's in community, not by ourselves , that the strongest mirror to our own ways of self sabotage are reflected back to us. If we have the courage, we will seek out community and groups of like minded people and allow them to reveal to us where we have lost a deep relationship to ourselves, to humanity, and a deep relationship to life itself.

This months newsletter is full of offerings that give you the opportunity to build circles of love, support and circles of community. Journey well friends, and journey with the intent to truly wake up and know who you are, and how you can give something beautiful to this world!

And....We've gone Social!!

We have recently taken the plunge into the world of social media and launched the Personal Empowerment Institute Face book Page!

To say we’re excited about connecting with you in a whole new way is an understatement!

We see our page as a place where we can all meet, start a conversation, share ideas and new and exciting information, as well as share our dreams and our passion for actualizing our true potential.

We have just begin to tell our story and share our insights, and we’d love you to join the conversation! Joining our Personal Empowerment  community is easy, simply hit 'LIKE' on our Face book Page.

Have an inspiring month

With Love






















Sacred Connections

Sex, Love and Relationships
Monthly Gatherings for Singles & Couples -
Begins 1st March

Many of us are seeking a deeper relationship with ourselves, and with our loved ones. Yet we may not aways feel as if we know how to create this. During these evenings you will have the opportunity to gather with like minded people and learn how to experience healthy, happy, loving relationships, you will be able to ask questions, open up a conversation on tricky topics, experience individual and cpratenred practices, and learn how to explore sexual and sensual energies in ways that create more love, intimacy and connection.These evenings will also offer you a direct experience in exploring practices that will allow you to learn how to create deep, meaningful, aware connection within yourself, and with others.

Download Brochure

Contact Phil 0413 401 533  l email


Journey of the Masculine

Men coming together to explore their Manhood - 12th February

Men need purposeful, truthful and resourceful time with a male community that offers them the opportunity to experience personal challenge, accountability, brotherhood, leadership and the opportunity to learn about their masculinity, relationships, emotional intimacy, career, money and overcoming limitations. These gatherings are also an opportunity to receive important teachings about men's rites of passage that offer guidance into their masculine potential.

Venue: 14 Morpeth Road, Waratah
Price: $20
Meet every 2nd Tuesday,
Begins 12th February


You can
book online contact us by email or phone Phil 0413 401 533


Fire Circle for Men

Men of ALL ages are invited to attend!  - Begins 9th March

The Fire Circle offers men and opportunity to gather together in a deep, authentic and truthful way. It's an opportunity for each man to feel the importance of learning to honour his own capacity to become more present, sit deeper within his truth, connect to his heart, offer his wisdom, and feel his connection to the earth.

The Fire Circle is also a place where men of all ages are brought together. The purpose of this is to support the older men to continue being valuable in the community, and to offer younger men, teenagers and boys a place where they can feel accepted for who they are, and learn from the life experience and collective wisdom of their elders.

Young men - There is also deeper intention for the boys and young men to attend. Within this safe and confidential environment, an awareness of self and the other is heightened. Responsibility for each person’s impact on others is increased. When a young man is respected and listened to without judgment, his capacity for inner resilience increases exponentially. In the Fire Circle the presence of older men from the community, also fosters a non-confrontational and reciprocal mentoring environment.

The Fire Circle will take place once a month. Begins 9th March

Venue: 14 Morpeth Road, Waratah
Price: $20
Meet every 2nd Tuesday,
Begins 12th February


You can
book online contact us by email or phone Phil 0413 401 533


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