DATE: 16/1/18
TIME: 6.45pm for 7pm to 9.30pm
Men's Group Newcastle
Men need purposeful, truthful and resourceful time with a male community that offers them the opportunity to experience personal challenge, accountability, brotherhood, leadership and the opportunity to learn about their masculinity, relationships, emotional intimacy, career, money and overcoming limitations. These Mens Groups are held in Newcastle every fortnight.

The format of this gathering is simple, but don't be fooled by the power of what happens when a group of conscious men come together with the intention to expand who they are in the world, add emotional honesty, integrity and respect and you have a potent formula. Most men's eye's glaze over when you mention about the Men's group as often we have no reference in our society as to why you would do that. And yet these were core values of functional indigenous communities for thousands of years. These were the grass roots that held the community strong and working together.

Come along and experience the group and the men. You will not be forced or asked to do anything, including speak if you don't want to. Trust is the key to the success of the group and that can only be gained by building that slowly one step at a time. We all have our own time frame as a result you will never be asked to do anything, nor will you be asked to believe anything we believe.

We will be exploring the many aspects and dimensions of what is it to be a man and the challenges that presents. There will be no presenting or preaching what is wrong or right. Just a healthy space for us all to question what is right or wrong for us as individuals. The masculine energy on the planet is misdirected and real change starts with individuals and communities coming together and making changes together.

Feel free to call Phil on 0413401533 if you have any questions.

15 Mills St, Warners Bay. Newcastle NSW