About Us

The Personal Empowerment Institute

In 1990, Phillip McKewin began to study Epistemology - the philosophy of ‘how we know what we think we know’. Phil's determination to 'seek the truth at all costs' lead him to study numerous philosophies of personal development, and many diverse spiritual and indigenous paths that teach the importance of cultivating an inner relationship with our “true” self. Feeling compelled to share with others the knowledge and wisdom he gained from his own deep inner questioning and his extensive research, Phillip identified a need for the provision of personal training's that facilitate permanent, deep change for its participants. From here, the Personal Empowerment Institute was created.


 The Institute's philosophy is simple, 'Man Know Thyself'. Awareness of the self is the first essential step in taking personal responsibility on the journey of healing, reclaiming and redefining your life. The Institute's techniques of self mastery and their ground breaking psychology of change encourages the courageous sharing of an individual's personal truth through the power of vulnerability and emotional honesty. Their self mastery programs also provide you with an enormous source of personal insight to facilitate the process of unlocking your unique gifts and talents, connecting you to your deepest joy, and allowing you to actualise your highest potential. 

The first step in changing your reality and aligning your life with your highest purpose, is to change your internal experience of yourself, and the world. The Personal Empowerment Institute offers you paradigm shifting tools to nurture and cultivate this inner reflection.

Some of the great teachers that have influenced the Institution's own approaches and philosophies include Graeme O'Brien - Master of Emotional Healing, Milton Ericson - Father of Psychology, Fritz Perls - for his research in understanding Gestalt Therapy, Carl Jung - who impacted and expanded our understandings of Consciousness, and Alice Miller - who was instrumental in early Childhood and Family Development. We thank these, and many others, for their contribution to the Institute's success.  Click here for more information on these teachers and philosophies

The Institute was originally founded in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. After six successful years of working with thousands of people nationally in numerous workshop environments, the decision was made to expand and take the Institutes message Internationally

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