EDITION 44 - December 2016


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Alkalise your body back to health

Welcome to the December  2016 Newsletter

A long time has passed since you’ve heard from me. For the last 10 years I’ve been researching and exploring the health benefits of drinking natural alkaline spring water. And the results are massive!!!
In the research we started making the water available to friends and family and we are now supplying the whole East Coast of Australia. My Alkalise Now Spring Water Company supplies directly from Newcastle to Sydney and all in between. Over the last few years we have had 100’s of customers with life threatening illnesses and people that just want the cutting edge in health that have been reporting back to us with outstanding results in the changes in their health.

This Alkalise Now brand hydrates, and cleanses and energises like no other water can. The water is 100% natural and comes from a true spring north of Barrington so there is no breakdown in the energetics of the water in the bottling process. If you would like to know more about the water call us on 02 49564312 as we have an introductory offer for Newsletter inquiries only.

This year is the year of getting back on track with my ultimate passion!!

Yes we can have many passions. But my ultimate passion is supporting people to develop deeper more intimate and more meaningful relationships that are purposeful and fulfilling and I look forward to getting on with that later this year. I will be in touch with a newsletter in a month or so.

Great to reconnect after all this time and I hope this newsletter finds you all well.


 Journey of the Masculine  
Men coming together to explore their Manhood

Men need purposeful, truthful and resourceful time with a male community that offers them the opportunity to experience personal challenge, accountability, brotherhood, leadership and the opportunity to learn about their masculinity, relationships, emotional intimacy, career, money and overcoming limitations. These gatherings are also an opportunity to receive important teachings about men's rites of passage that offer guidance into their masculine potential.

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