Authentic Power Weekend Workshop

"The Authentic Power Weekend"
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Workshop Times
Friday Night: Registration 6.30pm, Start 7.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 7.30pm
Sunday: 9.30am to 7.30pm
Price: Early Bird Special available

Note: Start times are prompt, finishing times may vary


Self Discovery

"Know Thyself": One thing all ancient philosophies agree on is this teaching. You will learn tools of self-awareness that will give you the personal power to respond, instead of react, to life challenges. You will discover & develop the greatest asset you will ever have . . . "yourself".

The transformation begins with delving deep into your psyche. Decades of research has confirmed that 95% of who you are as a person today, was shaped and developed during the first 7-8 years of your life when your brain was still in its early developmental stages. It is in this time that your core beliefs about yourself and about life were formed. Healing your past and resolving any old hurts such as rejection, abandonment, resentment and self worth, is an essential step to having authentic power.


Your Self Discovery Continues

Resolving the past: After peeling back the layers of your past, you will begin to find a sense of freedom in everything that you do in life, everything will begin to flow & seem much easier.
Gain self esteem, confidence, & self worth: By expanding your ability to communicate. Access who you truly are, what you have to give, and what you have to offer that is unique.
Relationships: Become conscious about the 9 steps that play out in all your relationships, discover where you are now, and understand what you need do to enhance your relationship and create a deeper level of love & intimacy.
Realise your full potential: Recent research shows that humans use as little as 3% of their brains, & live their lives without the knowledge of the power that lies within them. Learn how to tap into your unlimited potential and live a life that is full of possibility and opportunities.
Discover the keys to releasing physical pain and dis-ease in your body: Dr Candace Pert, an American Neuro-immunologist, has clearly identified the biological mechanisms by which every one of your thoughts, feelings, and life's experiences 'literally' become recorded in your physiology, (your body). This is known as "cellular memory." Accessing this cellular memory is another key step in unlocking the original source of your pain- physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. This allows you to maintain vibrant health and experience boundless energy, so that you can fully feel alive in every day of your life. What is the point in having money, material wealth, status, relationships etc. . . . if you don't have your health to be able to enjoy it?


Personal Power

Find direction purpose & meaning: Access the most compelling reasons that will instantly move you towards what you really want in your life.
Power of your thoughts: Understand that "thought is creative", and that perception and reality are two different things. With this awareness you will develop your power of focus in order to achieve incredible results with anything you decide to do in your life.
You will learn to see the gift in everything that you do: Including your life's greatest challenges.
You will Choose your Ultimate Life: Career, home, relationships, family, financial situation and personal desire's. Learn how to wire your neurology so you can consistently access your desired results.

The weekend is for anybody who desires the most out of life!

NOTE: Limited to 30 participants only!

After completing this training, you will have literally transformed your life, and you will leave with new skills, ideas, and understandings, and experience an expanded sense of identity.

We invite you to take up the challenge of personal empowerment, learn to harness the power within you and share your unique gift with the world.

100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are absolutely certain that you will be extremely satisfied with your investment in yourself this weekend. If you are not totally satisfied, we will be happy to refund your money in full.


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