Exploring Feminine Sexuality

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This weekend workshop is for women who are longing to explore new possibilities of living with greater openness and more expansive ways of being in their feminine energy.

  • Understand how sexual polarity is a powerful force of attraction between the masculine and the feminine

  • Learn feminine spiritual practices from many ancient sensually and sexually cultivated traditions

  • Learn how your openness, receptivity and surrender play a critical role when relating to men

  • Receive guidance on how to honour and strengthen your connection to the sacredness of your feminine body-temple

  • Sit deeply in your feminine heart and nurture the spirit of your womanhood

  • Explore the heart of Sacred Sexuality from a female perspective

Many ancient cultures recognised the importance of conscious preparation in preparing and supporting a woman (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), to walk through the world as a fully awakened goddess.

Women’s Tent’s and their Circles were the teaching temples where women gathered to share and receive the ancient wisdom that was passed forward from the grandmothers, mothers, aunts and other elders, to the younger woman in the community. Amongst these teachings, woman’s sensuality and sexuality were considered to be as equally as important for a woman to cultivate, as reading, writing and other life skills.

Drawing upon this ancient tradition, this weekend you will enter a temple of learning and be offered teachings that provide experiential processes that use sacred sexual practices, ritual and ceremony, breath-work, body movement and energy work, to teach you how to cultivate your feminine sexual essence and develop; greater body awareness, connection, openness, radiance, sensuality and sexuality, as well as learn about the subtle energetics between the masculine and feminine that magnifies love into deep bliss and tranforms sex into a sacred path to the divine.

It is your opportunity to enter a women’s circle and be offered the teachings and sacred arts that once initiated a young girl into a fully awakened, deeply loving, orgasmicly alive, wise woman. You will open into new possibilities of experiencing deeper love, greater openness and more expansive ways of being in your feminine energy and you will walk away feeling deeply nourished from sitting and sharing in the sacred ground of a women’s circle.


Embrace your sexual, sensual nature as a divinely nourishing source of deep intimacy, emotional healing, and feminine spiritual growth
Feminine energy is the most attractive force on earth, learn how to unlock your feminine energy and attract all of your heart's deepest desires
Understand the dynamics of sexual polarity and create passionate and powerful magnetic attraction in your relationship
Learn to open your heart and your body through patterns of protection and closure and attract the experience of love's deepest bliss
Explore the sacred connection between your sexuality, sensuality and spirituality and be nourished by the pure essence of your feminine energy
Explore sensitive issues such as self image, body image, self worth and self love and; grow in the knowledge of your own inner wisdom, embrace your radiance and your beauty, honor the goddess within you, nourish your body-temple, lay flowers at the alter of your heart and be deliciously touched by the magnificence of your feminine spirit
Explore sacred sexuality with a feminine focus on the critical role that your feminine receptive energy plays in exerting a powerful influence on your experiences of lovemaking
Learn how to practically apply these practices - Whether you are using them to feel more present and aware during a busy day or to achieve a full body orgasm while making love, the ability to circulate your sexual energy will benefit your health, well-being , creativity and productivity throughout your day...and .....SO MUCH MORE ........!
100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Lani is absolutely certain that you will be extremely satisfied with your investment in yourself this weekend. If you are not totally satisfied at the end of the weekend, your money will be happily refunded to you, in full.


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