Phillip McKewin Speaker


Phillip McKewin will stimulate your audience through practical, insightful examples of applying universal principals to all of your relationships, as well as the everyday aspects of your life.

Phillip has travelled the globe extensively researching and studying the extraordinary field of self-awareness. His passion & desire for the subject has had a remarkable impact on shaping & transforming him into the person that he is today. He shares his experiences & the profound effect that the universal principles have had in both his personal and professional life.


Phillip feels he has an extremely powerful message to share about the enormous benefits of applying open, honest communication into your interpersonal relationships, and he discusses how to expand all the areas of your life. Also, having owned many highly successful businesses, he also provides insightful examples of how he was able to achieve his extraordinary professional success through visionary leadership, and synergistic team building, by applying his extensive knowledge of human nature.

Phillip possesses the rare power of being able to facilitate enormous change in the way that individuals see themselves. His understanding of human behaviour complements all that he has learnt, and along with his years of hands-on experience, he is definitely a leader of possibility, and a true voice of authority in the deeply personal search for 'truth'.

Phillip shares his message via Presentations & Workshops throughout Australia and Internationally. Contact Us now for more information about the workshops or if you have any general questions.