Law of Attraction

How do you create your desires using the LAW of ATTRACTION?

Here are SIX simple steps………

Ask for what you want and focus on it.
This also requires you to be very clear about what it is that you actually want. (Not what you don’t want)

Visualize yourself with the outcome of what you want.
Raise your vibration to it.
Consciously and deliberately choose the thoughts and emotions that feel aligned with what you are asking for.
Q. How do you know when you're in alignment with what you want or when you're not?
Your attraction meter (which registers your vibration) is your feelings. Check in with your emotions. Your emotions will never lie. If you feel bad, you’re out of alignment with what you want. If you’re feeling alive, inspired, full, peaceful and happy, you’re in alignment with what you want.
Gratitude allows you to quicken the process of raising your vibration. Write down Ten things you are grateful for on a daily basis.
Receive it – and allow it to show up into your life. Act like you already have it.
Take inspired action
It’s not important to know how it will happen, that is the domain of the universe and the “way will be shown to you and how this works is that you will feel inspired to take action in a certain way. Trust this. It is the universe tapping you in the shoulder saying,…” this is the way”.
Gratitude - being grateful allows you to focus on what you do have and places you in a feeling of abundance and receptivity.
Celebrate your success!
So often we achieve great things and yet forget to acknowledge ourselves for doing so. When you achieve each success, it’s extremely important to celebrate it, 'no matter how small it is'. The celebration can also be as simple as having a cup of tea and it's Anything that provokes acknowledgment for what you have achieved. This is using the same principle that is used when you begin to access the power of gratitude. Gratitude shifts your focus and "what you focus on expands"...therefore, when you focus o acknowledging your success, your success expands !!