Life is Responds to your thoughts and feelings !

Quantum science has shown that when you break anything in this physical world down to its source, to it’s smallest particle, that what you find is no - thing, space.

The source of the physical world, even your own body, is nothingness. What the research also shows is that this nothingness has intelligence. It is pure consciousness, and that it’s this consciousness, vibrating at different frequencies, that directs particles to form the physical world that we experience all around us. Some call this consciousness God, Creator, Spirit, the Universe, or simply- life.

The research also shows us that this consciousness responds to your own thinking. What you actually think about will determine what shows up in your world, in other words, your thoughts are directing the particles of this universe to form the reality that you believe is true for you. As your thinking changes, what shows up in you life changes as well. What the research also shows is that your emotions act like a magnet that attracts the quality of an experience to you. This is why just positive thinking alone will only change part of your experience.

For example you may be thinking that you want to create more wealth, however, if you feel you don’t deserve it, that you’re not good enough to have a lot of money, you will attract what you feel. So even though you may attract opportunities because your positive thinking, your feelings around money will attract a certain quality of lesson / learning experience around money, and may even sabotage your ability to obtain it.

Another example of how this works - What you focus on expands.

You have a mechanism in your brain called the RAS, which stands for the Reticular Activating System. This determines what you will notice, what you will pay attention to. Your conscious mind can only focus on a limited number of things at one time, so your brain expends a lot of energy and effort deciding what NOT to pay attention to.

We are constantly being bombarded with millions of stimuli every day, and your nervous system is not capable of taking all this in, so your brain deletes most of it and focuses on what you believe is important.

It’s directly responsible for how much reality you consciously experience.

A neuro-immunologist in America Candece Pert, has recently done some amazing research on what she calls the molecules of emotion, and she has been able to identify the chemical components of emotions in the body (why we feel the way we do on a physical level) and has directly shown that the existence in this consciousness at work in the body. She has been able to prove the interconnected relationship between what we think, what we feel and the effect of our past experiences, (that get stored in our bodied at a cellular level), on the physical body & therefore our health and well-being. Her research proves that your biography (life story) is actually stored in your biology, and is responding to, and is reflecting every decision you make daily.

In regards to the RAS mechanism in your brain
her research shows that your brain and your emotions do indeed work together to shape and determine how much of reality you experience.

There are receptors in the cells of your body that control the muscles that direct the eyeball and effect which images are permitted to fall on the retina and therefore be seen. So a wife may actually fail to see a husbands betraying behaviour, due to her emotional need to believe in her husbands faithfulness, which is based on her own fear around being betrayed, abandoned, etc.  Her eyeballs will be literally directed to look away from the incriminating behaviour that everyone else can see.

An example of this creative process is this, (remembering that energy comes before matter). What you focus on expands. When you really, really, want something, the more your thinking and emotions are aligned, the more you will find clarity, and effect the speed at which you will create what you want. It also works like this, what you really, really don’t want, you also get, because what you think about and focus on expands (remember the RAS). You can’t create prosperity from a consciousness that says I really, really, hate having no money.

So the next time you have a bad day, instead of saying to someone, “you ruined my day because……” Instead, remember that life is always simply responding and saying yes to what you believe. Go inside and ask yourself the question, “ what  is it within me that I am putting out into the world, that is drawing this experience to me and making me feel this way?" Shift your focus. Place your attention on what’s happening behind your eyes and begin to cultivate self awareness so that you can begin to make conscious contact with the consciousness that is the source of all things in your life 

Lani Neilson