Your Authentic Self

The oldest traditions on the planet and our most ancient texts tell us, that each one of us is intricately interconnected to everyone and everything in the universal web of life. This intrinsic knowledge of our potential and our place in the world is carried deep within us, and yet most of us feel separate from this knowing.

Quantum science has even been able to prove this interconnectedness. Scientists now know that when you take anything in the physical universe and break it down to its smallest particle, its source, that what you find is space –nothingness, and that this nothingness actually has intelligence. It is this intelligence (consciousness), that then directs particles to form into the physical matter that manifests as the world we experience around us. Some call this intelligence God, Creator, Spirit, the Universe, or simply- life. This means that the same life force that is inside you and me, is also inside of everyone and everything. We are never disconnected from this source, however, many people today feel powerless, alone and separate. Why is this?

We are handed a set of beliefs by our family, friends, culture, society, educational systems, and religions, that say this is who you are as a human being, and this is the world you live in. Unfortunately, most of these beliefs tell us about a world that is built around lack, competition, fear, survival, and separation from our source. We are taught that everything we want in life is outside of ourselves and our focus must be on acquiring what we want from these external sources in order to succeed in life and fullfill ourselves. This often leads to a loss of personal power, and we begin to learn another notion of power which is our ability to develop power that allows us to control the outside world so that it comes to us, and then we can get our needs met.

When we do this though, we set ourselves up to lose a piece of ourselves everyday to judgements, expectations, approval, relationships, work, money, food, alcohol, sex, and the list goes on. It is easy to get a sense of how a person growing up in this world begins to feel disconnected to the knowing that they are magnificent, unbounded, unlimited, unrepeatable, and full of possibility.

 Any time you experience the following, you are experiencing limitation, and you are living by rules and beliefs that are designed to keep you from knowing your full potential..

  • You feel separate from others, from your environment, from yourself and from God – from your source.
  • You feel separate from the things you want in life; money, love, fame, success, acceptance, power, purpose, clarity, connection, God. You think that they are outside of yourself, so you look for them in people, things, experiences, not knowing that they have no real capacity to give you what it is you really want.
  • You think that the world is here to serve you.
  • You believe that there is only so much to go around, so you have to compete to get what you want, before someone else gets it
  • You actualise through competing with others, evaluating your success in life on the basis of how much you have, what it’s worth, and the image it gives you.
  • You never have enough; you are always wanting more to fill up the hole in your soul.
  • You always need to be right.

Saint Francis of Assissi said: “What you are looking for is what’s looking”.

When you turn your gaze inward and become aware of the world behind your eyes, you will cultivate the art if self awareness and self reflection. You will discover that you have the ability to make conscious contact with the source of all life through your thinking and through your emotions. You will acquire the tools for living, realise the quality of your thinking creates the quality of your life experiences and that your emotions are the magnet that draws these experiences to you. You will also begin to identify the places inside of you that are wanting to be made whole by looking outside of yourself to external sources.

Then when you look even deeper, you will discover the silent witness. The consciousness that is directing all of life to form into the patterns and experiences that are simple a physical manifestation of your beliefs about the world you are living in. The consciousness that is the source that connects you to the universal web of life, to everyone and everything. 

Potential on its own is neutral. It’s what you do with what you have that allows potential to be expressed and actualised. Your ability to do this is determined by what you believe is possible for you, and wether or not your thinking is grounded in love or fear, and separation or connection to your source.

Lani Neilson