EDITION 2 - Winter 2005



EDITION2 - Winter 2005


Winter is definitely upon us. We are so fortunate to live in a climate where we get to fully experience the change of season. Winter can be a cold experience that dampens our mood if we allow it to. Or if we shift our focus we can appreciate the beauty of Winter; cool fresh air, and the warmth of home cooked soups and stews in your homes. Winter is traditionally a time to stay indoors, rest your bodies and build up your energy for the new beginnings that come with Spring. Again if we look to Nature animals hibernate in Winter and sleep to restore their energies.


Well most of us can’t go into hibernation for 3 months without creating a little chaos in our lives. So how about taking our challenge. What are 2 things you could do for yourself to restore your energy over the coming months. A few suggestions from us include;

-         A divinely lavender scented hot bath with mineral rich Epsom salts to allow muscles to relax and release tension. Guys you will love this as much as us women.

-         A long walk in nature is a great way to clear our heads and re-energize our bodies.

-         Restful sleep by creating a quiet clean sanctuary in your bedroom and going to bed earlier. Try burning a vanilla scented candle before bed.


Remember we cannot give to others if we don’t fill ourselves up first.


Until next time enjoy your time out and see below for the exciting things happening at The Personal Empowerment Institute in the coming months.


Our warmest regards, 


The Personal Empowerment Institute Team