EDITION 3 - Spring 2005

EDITION 3 - Spring 2005

Welcome to our third quarterly edition of the Personal Empowerment Institute Newsletter.

Spring is here and what a wonderful time of the year it is. Once again nature shows us by example what Spring is for. Everywhere you look around new beginnings are unfolding. Your gardens are beginning to bloom with fresh Spring flowers full of bright colours and aromas. Animals are birthing their young. There is a warmth in the air mingled with the freshness of Spring.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Traditionally we “Spring Clean” after our months of Winter hibernation. We clean our homes, we plant new seeds in the ground to grow, we begin a lighter diet and start getting more active.

It is a time for bringing fresh energy into your life, a time for you to plant your seeds and begin any projects you may have been thinking about. For some it may be a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, for others it may be a new business idea or career change. It may be simply committing to clearing out some clutter in the space you live in so new ideas can come in. Remember a clear space free of clutter equals a clear mind.

This is the time of the year when you are most supported to make change in your life.

So our challenge to you is this. Take the time to sit quietly and have a think about what changes you would like to make. What areas in your life would you like bring new life into? Choose 1 or 2 things, write them down, and then take whatever steps you need to for those ideas to grow into a new beginning for you.

We look forward to hearing of your new ideas blooming in your life.

Until next time our warmest regards,

Tracey and the Personal Empowerment Institute Team