EDITION 8 - Summer 2006

EDITION 8 - Summer 2006

Universal Laws are called universal because they affect all of us, no matter what we believe about religion, God or life in general. For example the “Law of Gravity” is a Universal Law. If you were to jump up in the air, I can say with absolute certainty you will land back on your feet. This will happen no matter what race/religion or country you are from. The same applies with another Law and that is the Law of Attraction”. 

The Law of Attraction states that; " what you think about, you will attract into your life".

It is also important to note that the Law of Attraction does not differentiate between positive and negative thoughts. What we focus on will expand in your life, it will not matter whether it is created by a negative thought or a positive thought.

Most people know what they really, really don’t want to have in their lives and focus on that. The problem is then that as they focus on what they dont want they attract more of that, rather than just focusing on what they do want. For example; Most people are focused on their debt, rather than focused on their wealth. If we focus on the debt, the debt will continue to expand because that is where our focus is, where as if we focus on your wealth, likewise that will continue to expand. I often ask people in workshops/presentations "Who knows what they don’t want to have and who knows what they do want?". People tend to have more awareness about what they don’t want rather than what they do want. This off course creates a problem. The problem is we begin to attract that which we really don’t want to have into our lives.

The “Law of Attraction” also accelerates when we put some emotional intensity behind it. 
For example if we are feeling fearful about some thing happening, we are actually accelerating the process to happen.

The point I am making here is that, what we focus on expands, whether that be Positive or Negative. So the “Law of Attraction” is working, because when we focus on that which we don’t want, we will begin to attract that into our lives.

HENCE; there is NO “Law of Detraction” that exists!

When we think about things and hope they don’t happen we are actually putting energy into them happening, rather than not happening.


Think of three things you don’t want in your life right now and then think of three things you do want in your life right now…! 

Right them both down.......DO IT BEFORE READING ON……………………….!

What I want you now to be aware of is, which list was easier for to access and which list had the most conviction around it?

Inevitably most people say the list that was easier to write and had more conviction about, was the list I don’t want to have.

Here are three things you can do immediately to start the Laws of Attraction working for you rather than against you.

1.                  Develop your clarity around what you do want in your life, whether that be by writing goals, developing a Vision Board. 
Note: A vision board is a board with pictures on it about what you wish to create into your life in the future.

2.                  The second thing you can start to do is buy a little note pad, which you keep on you 24/7. On that note pad write down every time you have a thought or a fear of something that you don’t want to happen. The purpose of the note pad is not to intensify the thought or feeling by writing it down. The purpose of it is to bring the thought to your conscious awareness, as only then can we set about the process of letting it go.

3.                  There is a movie called “The Secret” that is an inspirational and educational reminder of the Laws of Attraction. Ask your local Council library to get it in, or purchase it online and watch it over as many times as you feel necessary to learn more about the “Laws of Attraction”. 

If you are in the Newcastle area this week, we are also playing the movie “The Secret” on Friday night, see detail below.

I wish to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to personally seeing you again in the New Year.

Spiritual Cinema - Fri 15th Dec        (last movie of 2006)

Donation: $5.00 
Starts 7.30pm
Where: Royal Exchange 32 Bolton St Newcastle

Movie: “
THE SECRET”   - DISCUSSION afterwards!

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The great secret of the universe has travelled Eons to reach you. This is the secret to-joy, health, prosperity, relationships, love and happiness…everything you ever desired. In this unique movie are all the resources for you to manifest and live The Secret.
Know The Secret and it can change your life forever! 

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TO BOOK NOW either call 49599885 or email phil@personalpower.com.au

The Spiritual Cinema will start back 2nd February 2006

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