EDITION 5 - Autumn 2006

EDITION 5 - Autumn 2006


Personal Empowerment Autumn

Update - 2006


It’s been 12 months since our first Newsletter, and WOW there has been plenty of changes both on a global (macro) and in our inner lives (micro) level, for all of us! The question isn’t whether there is change in our lives, the question is how we handle that change?


In this Newsletter I wish to talk about “ SURRENDER & CHANGE ”. Two weeks ago due to some changes happening within the Business I had to ask myself some confronting questions. Those questions prompted me to consider for the first time in my life the possibility of not continuing my dream with the Personal Empowerment Institute. Yes, what I am talking about is surrender, to let go of what I thought was real.


Within 24 hours of letting go, significant insight came to me, insight that I have never been able to see before. In that hour of insight, of seeing the business in a totally different light the phone began to ring. People were ringing to see if I ran one on one Counselling type work and there were also requests for running smaller group sessions.


Due to this shift, by being willing to let go of the business, not only have I had a new lease of life but I feel totally on Purpose in a deeper way than I have ever felt before in my life. I am doing the best work I have ever done because I was willing to be humble enough to get out of my own way and surrender what I thought was real.


To clarify the message here is to pursue your dreams but when there is struggle at times to be willing to let go of what it is that we think we want, with out any holding on at all, to Surrender to your highest good.


Some of you may be aware that Tracey is currently undergoing some significant changes in her life and she is taking steps to pursue her passion and express her message in full. Trace has joined Sure-Slim (Wellness and Weight Loss Company) in Sydney to communicate and educate them on emotional eating and once she consolidates the message in Australia, the potential for her to take that message International is also in the pipeline.


I personally am excited for Tracey and the potential of Tracey being able to reach so many people far and wide with her very important message.”Congratulations Tracey”… and it is also possible that Tracey could bring some of her developed work around Emotional Eating back to us in the near future.


I hope your year has started off well, don’t be strangers.





                       PRIVATE SESSIONS

                    NOW AVAILABLE !!

                         with Phil McKewin


                  Personal Empowerment Consultations

                                 - $100/ session


             Phil is excited to be offering his expertise

          and his wealth of experience as a facilitator

                    in private, one-on-one sessions.


                     BOOK NOW as these sessions are

                             filling up very quickly !!






With love & blessings, 

Phil and the Personal Empowerment Institute Team


























                   EVENTS !




Commencing in Newcastle on Wednesday April 5th, at the Elemore Vale Community Centre.


The investment is $20/night and we will be looking at ‘Real’ issues with Real people. Everyone is invited to join in. The nights will be a series of ongoing nights that allow us to look at gaining significant insights into understanding why we do the things we do and how to change these unconscious limiting behaviours.


The nights will be focused around;



Family life

Finances & Career

General outlook on life

Spiritual life




  Exploring  Feminine   



This weekend workshop is an experiential journey for women who are ready to explore new possibilities and dimensions of their femininity and their sexual energy. You will be guided into ancient feminine spiritual practices that will allow you to cultivate & maintain your beauty, your youthfulness, your health and vitality and have a deeper experience of your sexual energy.


Price:      $325.00

Date:      17th –19th 


Venue:    TBA

Time:      Fri: 7pm – 10pm

                Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 5pm

Bring:     Lunch to share Sat & Sun, cushion, water, Cd of your favourite music, towel, candle + holder



Call Lani 02 49 599 885

or email: lneilson@personalpower.com.au



       Authentic Power 

      Weekend is BACK

              for 2006 !!


       23rd -25th June, 2006




          POWER  WEEKEND


  • Gaining insight & understanding into relationships is an ongoing process, sharpen your awareness of how to gain this insight & take control of your ultimate tool…..YOU!
  • Harness the skill of accessing old pain at the ‘root core’ & you will be able to instantly turn your fear into personal power.
  • Develop self confidence, ‘real’ confidence doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from knowing who you really are.


              EARLY BIRD        



                Pay by March 31st


See Testimonials for Authentic Power Workshops