EDITION 6 - Winter 2006

EDITION 6 - Winter 2006

EDITION 6 – Winter 2006.

Welcome to all the new people that have joined the Newsletter in the past 3 months.

It has been a busy time!….

Winter is certainly upon us now and it is generally a time of year when we conserve our energy. A great topic to discuss then is looking at what we do with our energy unconsciously and addressing how we can begin to become more conscious about it.

I was recently in the Commonwealth Bank doing a favour for a friend. As I waited in line a woman behind me was whinging to others about how frustrating it is to be waiting and what a waste of time it is to do this. I turned and faced her and said “why don’t you choose to close your account”? …Simply suggesting that she do something about it instead of just whinging. She replied with a helpless tone in her voice, “What’s the point”? My reply was, ”Well if enough people were to take action and do something about it, then the banks would eventually take notice and make the necessary changes that their customers are asking for”  She again replied with a helpless tone, “I am just one person, they could not care less about my small account”. I replied,…” If that was the attitude of every customer then you would be right, however it starts and ends with you. You are just one person… and all you can do is take the action that is appropriate for you”.

If we were to take more personal responsibility for our actions, I can assure you that there would be no more waiting lines in banks. There are banks that are beginning to take notice and these banks are now providing better service than they ever have before. This is only due to customer complaints, marketing surveys and recent research that has made them very aware of the rising levels of customer dissatisfaction.

(I personally chose to close my accounts with the Big Four banks many years ago when they increased the waiting times to do business with them, whether that was by the phone or physically waiting in line at the bank itself.)

In the moment that you think you cannot do anything about a situation, you are giving your power away.

Remember this, whatever you believe is true, will become real for you …..and yes, you will feel absolutely powerless to do anything about it.…and… you will also find it challenging to see any other possibilities that would potentially change the situation.

However, when you decide to take your power back, you will be making a massive difference in your everyday life. When you decide to make a conscious choice about where you invest your time and energy and what you choose to support consciously with your life force, you will begin to change the world that you live in. 

Some other examples of this are:

  • Genetically Modified Foods -  if you believe this is a backward move, have you ever bothered to ask your local fruito or grocer, including the big supermarkets, whether or not your fruit and vegetables are genetically modified ?
  • Australian Made or Owned Products - do you make a conscious effort to support Australian products?
  • Household necessities like Insurance, Banking and Telecommunication Co -Do you feel compromised if you have to wait in lines and/or wait while you are placed on hold at the end of the telephone line …just to get answered. If you decided to look around, you would find that there are plenty of Companies offering fast effective and competitive service.
  • There are plenty of other topics like 3rd world slave labour for Corporations that make Billions of Dollar each year, Garbage recycling, garbage minimising, investing or buying shares in Companies that don’t have integrity but they pay great dividends….. and I could go on and on.

The message here is not for me to suggest to you what is right or what is wrong. This would just be my own personal opinion. The message is that it’s empowering for you to firstly, have your own opinion on something and secondly, place your energy consciously into what it is you believe in. The world today requires individuals to become much more conscious and this takes leadership. Real leadership from every day people that are willing to stand behind what they believe in…..even if they are the only one standing. “Stand for something, rather than fall for everything”.

My warmest regards,

Phillip and the Personal Empowerment Institute Team


EVENT: On the Tuesday 11th July we are heading to Sydney to see:

Dr Masaru Emoto presenting – The Secret Life of Water” .. as seen on “What the Bleep”

If anyone would like to join us, please let us know by the 20th June at the latest

We are considering making a group booking and possibly organising our own bus to take us all to Sydney, so we need numbers for seating.

See www.chrishooper.com.au for more details on the evening.

Exploring 'Female Sexual' Power

This weekend workshop is an experiential journey for women who are ready to explore new possibilities and dimensions of their femininity and their sexual energy. You will learn the principles of sexual polarity that creates attraction between the masculine and the feminine and you will explore the magnetic potential of your own receptive, feminine energy and understand the role this plays in experiencing states of sustained orgasmic bliss.You will be using tantric practices, ritual, breath-work, movement, energy work and body work to develop awareness, presence and sensitivity and you will learn about the subtle and more relaxed energetic dynamics that transforms sex into love.
Experience the transformation that is possible when you consciously explore your womanhood within the sacred container of a women’s circle. In ancient times, women came together within these sacred circles to share the arts of feminine spiritual practices and share female sacred sexual traditions. I invite you to reclaim this rite of passage and begin the journey into the heart and soul of your woman.

Date:      Fri, 30th June  -  Sun, 3rd July, 2006
Venue:    Toronto Multi Purpose Centre, Newcastle
Time:      Fri: 7pm – 10pm     Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 5pm
Bring:      Lunch to share Sat & Sun, cushion, water, towel                 
Investment:  $325.00
Facilitator: Lani Neilson
EARLY BIRD -$280 when paid in full by 12th June,2006
Ph: 61 - 02 49 599 885
Mobile: 0413 845 918
Email: lneilson@personalpower.com.au