EDITION 9 - Autumn 2007

EDITION 9 - Autumn 2007

I have just completed the“Authentic Power Weekend last weekend. And right now I am feeling full of beans and ready to share with an expansive new energy and excitement in me!

Over the last week the Oprah Show has played the two interviews she did with the team from the movie "The Secret", I thought it would be great time to write about “What the Secret didn’t tell you”!

The movie has made an enormous contribution to expanding consciousness globally. It has reached people right across the planet with a very simple but powerful message of how we can create more consciously using the Law of Attraction.

What "The Secret" didn’t tell you was; how to release past limiting experiences that if not dealt with will continue to sabotage all our efforts to create consciously.

The Unconscious mind represents approximately 90% of our total mind; our Conscious mind only represents about 10%. 

So, which mind do you think has the last say in creating our outcomes? Yes, the Unconscious Mind!

The simplest and most powerful way to access the unconscious is through our feelings. When we have the courage to explore our feelings and emotions, we will tend to find the key to un-locking that which has been holding us back from creating exactly what it is we want in our lives. What I am suggesting here is that we explore those feelings at the core and express them positively.

An example of what I am referring to is as follows:

Recently in a "Laws of Attraction Workshop" I ran, a woman shared some frustrations within the group. She said that most areas of her life were amazing and abundant, however she had never been able to create abundance materially or financially. I supported this woman to explore inward connecting to her feelings, when suddenly she had made some connections internally, where she felt a rush of emotion around betraying her father.

After shifting and expressing the emotion she gained some extraordinary insight, that her father had stated when she was a little girl, that, “he had hated greedy people”. She had generalised with that statement (as children do) to mean greedy people are people with money (even though she knew consciously that wasn’t true). Previous to this experience she had no memory of this experience.

Had this woman not felt her feelings she would have put an enormous amount of energy into creating what it is she wanted financially, only to find that she possibly ended up sabotaging her efforts, as her unconscious need to not be seen as greedy in her fathers eyes was much stronger.
(I have obtained her permission to use her story)

The reason I wanted to share this information with you, is because many people think to get emotional or to feel our feelings is to be negative, and will create negative outcomes. But, the truth is, to not express them, with absolute resolve, will create negative outcomes. Because the conscious mind in which we are attempting to create from, is in conflict with any unconscious agenda’s.

We hear time and time again that we only use between 1-10% of our brains full potential, well the above is an example of why! 

Hence; Why it is extremely important for us to be able to align the conscious and the unconscious mind to be working in unison. So neither has any conflicting parts. Then we can use our entire mind to create exactly what is we want, effortlessly and easily.

Remember our feelings are a very powerful way for us to connect to our unconscious mind, in order to understand what it is trying to communicate with us, so the two minds are working harmoniously and synchronistically as one.

Good luck creating consciously.

After seeing "The Secret" what is the NEXT STEP? Read ON!

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Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a very powerful force that is at work in your life and it’s called the Law of Attraction and it is attracting people, jobs, experiences and relationships in your life right now.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that when you are focused upon what you WANT to create in your life you will attract that.…..and when you are focused upon what you DON"T WANT to create in your life, you will attract that too !

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Authentic Power Workshop Weekend - This weekend


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Authentic Power Weekend is primarily about experience.  It’s about getting to know those parts of yourself that hold you back in your life so that you can move past them.  It’s not something you need to think about in order to ‘get’ - simply by participating in the activities and exercises you are actually freeing yourself of their influence then and there, in a totally supportive environment.  It’s also about expressing the real you and therefore experiencing the true power and personal transformation that comes from that.  We remember 10% of what we read, 15% of what we hear and 80% of what we experience.

I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from the training.  It’s an opportunity to find out how to get more of what you want in your life, so why not give yourself the best chance possible to live your ideal life?  This stuff really works!  In my mind, you cannot put a price on the returns you get from this investment –  ITS PRICELESS…!

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Cinema for the Soul - This weeks Movie

                             @ The Royal Exchange
                             32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle
                             MOVIES that INSPIRE TRUTH

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It is estimated that in America last year, nearly $2 trillion was spent on health care -- and virtually all that money was spent on treating disease. Despite this massive expenditure on treatment, more Americans are sicker than ever before with diseases that are largely preventable: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression, to name a few.

Prescription For Disaster is a landmark investigative journal that lends further credence and urgency to my vision and my quest to transform the medical paradigm to one that is sincerely dedicated to listening to the patients' concerns and expressing commitment to their health and well-being at the deepest levels. See Gary Null, Ph.D. at his best.

Cost $5 Starts 7.30pm

Call Phil B.H. on 49599885 or BOOK NOW ONLINE or See all the Movies in detail CLICK HERE
  • Remember your booking reserves your seat, just arrive by 7.15pm to pay for your ticket. Main film starts at 7.30pm. 
  • After every movie there will be an opportunity to discuss the subject of the movie. I thoroughly encourage you to stay around for this, as from my past experience these discussions have presented an enormous amount of depth and wisdom from the people patronising the Cinema. 
  • You now can book online CLICK HERE but please, it is essential that you let us know if you cannot make it.

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