EDITION 10 - Winter 2007

EMPOWERMENT for Winter - (Edition 10)

What has COAL STORMS & SHIPS got to do with one another???

Has anyone noticed either in the NEWS or in their travels there’s a large COAL ship on Newcastle (Nobby’s) Beach???
The really interesting thing about the ship being STUCK on Nobby’s beach is that approx 24 hours prior to the ship turning up on our shores there was a significant
decision made in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area! This decision created an enormous amount of ATTENTION and ENERGY around it from the community both local and national. On Thursday 7th June it was decided by the NSW Government that the ANVIL Coal Mine (in the Hunter Valley) would be given approval for mining.

NOW my message here is not whether that decision was right or wrong.

In a recent newsletter I have discussed how we attract certain things into our lives in order to learn from them. For example if we seem to have a lot of angry people around us, then maybe we need to look to see where the anger is in us! And so on…

WELL, wont it be exciting when we as a community can look at what we are attracting collectively! Where we can openly acknowledge the fact that in the Hunter Valley there was not only a large COAL SHIP that lodged itself on our shores, but on Friday 8 th June there was also a storm that created damage, that is estimated to cost WELL over ¼ Billion Dollars and the estimated figure continues to rise. With 9 people killed.
This all happened within approximately 24hours of the BIG decision!!!

If you can accept the fact that:

-                     We are all connected as ‘ONE’ INCLUDING the weather!

-                     We must take responsibility for everything we create around us!

-                     That there are no coincidences!

-                     That we attract everything into our lives for a reason!

Then you must stop and think for a moment and ask the question;

DID WE HAVE APART IN CREATING this storm and the early arrival of the PASHA BULKER ship! See PASHA BULKER Photo CLICK HERE

Or see other storm photos of the devastation to Newcastle Click Here 


Inner Child Series - Exploring 'The Family' at the Core 

Begins: Tuesday 14th July (A few spaces available)
Starts: 7pm
Venue:  Nash St Wallsend

These evenings will be held over a 6 week period. 

In this series of evenings you will develop tools to be more true to yourself.
We will explore removing the mask and finding the “Authentic Self can be the most rewarding and insightful journey we have ever embarked on. The journey is filled with revelations, insights and expansive universal understandings to find who we truly are.

Click here for more information about this Series

Authentic Power Weekend - Some spaces left


NOW you can pay $595 to enhance your life, and bring a friend for 1/2 price. 

That’s only $450 each….!  Until 30th June 2007.

Or by paying now receive the Early Bird price which is $100 off, you must register and pay by 30th June 2007.  

Authentic Power Weekend is primarily about experience.  It’s about getting to know those parts of yourself that hold you back in your life so that you can move past them.  It’s not something you need to think about in order to ‘get’ - simply by participating in the activities and exercises you are actually freeing yourself of their influence then and there, in a totally supportive environment.  It’s also about expressing the real you and therefore experiencing the true power and personal transformation that comes from that.  We remember 10% of what we read, 15% of what we hear and 80% of what we experience.

I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from the training.  It’s an opportunity to find out how to get more of what you want in your life, so why not give yourself the best chance possible to live your ideal life?  This stuff really works!  In my mind, you cannot put a price on the returns you get from this investment –  ITS PRICELESS…!

Phil PERSONALLY GUARANTEES that you will be totally satisfied with your investment you have made in yourself for this weekend. If at the completion of the weekend, you are not totally satisfied, Phil will return your money in full.

To see what others have to say about the Authentic Power Weekend experience   Click Here

Workshop Date: 3rd-5th Aug 2007 Limited numbers…..it will fill up fast, so give yourself a gift for 2007 and BOOK NOW!

Ph: Phil 49599885 or email phil@personalpower.com.au To see more details about the weekend visit The Authentic Power Weekend Workshop

This workshop is based in Newcastle NSW. All past participants are welcome to re-attend for reduced price.

Cinema for the Soul 

                             @ The Royal Exchange
                             32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle
                             MOVIES that INSPIRE TRUTH
Fri 22nd – The CANCER ANSWER - Facts: We are not being told the truth about cancer. Cancer is not a disease, it is a naturally occurring condition. A healthy immune system is our only real defense against cancer. The answer to cancer has been staring medical science in the face for at least a decade. I'm sure the scientists know; because I know. 1 in 4 babies born are to have one form of Cancer. It's simply been a matter of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. My healthy cell Concept does just that. He uses the Doctors/Medical and Dentist Official Documents to show you that many things we eat and drink ( and are told are good for us) are coursing Cancer. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED. Albert Earl Carter is so easy to understand believe me that a child could understand the information that is spoken of in this dvd. DON'T believe ME WATCH THE Movie. 1hr 55 minutes.

Fri 29th – The 'ONE' MOVIE - $15 The program includes a viewing of the 2005 film "ONE: The Movie," discussion and "active interaction."

The movie ponders the meaning of life through interviews with spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hahn, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ram Dass. Filmmaker Ward M. Powers asks big questions — describe God; what happens after you die; and what is the meaning of life. Powers asks another question that results in some unique responses, including an unsettling stare from Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman: Make a gesture that would show the current state of the world. Fans of the 2004 New Age sleeper hit "What The #$*! Do We Know!?" — often called "What the Bleep" — are among those who have given "ONE" its biggest praise, saying it provides a practical application of the science of reality and spirituality that "What the Bleep" explores.

The spiritual leaders and members of the American public who answer the questions cover a range of topics, including war, inequity, selfishness and "oneness."

Cost $5. Note: $15 to see the ONE Movie due to the need to pay royalty demands to the makers.
Starts 7.30pm 

Call Phil B.H. on 49599885 or BOOK NOW ONLINE or See all the Movies in detail CLICK HERE
  • You now can book online CLICK HERE but please, it is essential that you let us know if you cannot make it.

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