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Personal Empowerment Workshop comes to region

The search for true meaning and empowerment in our lives can often come second to the day to day hassles we experience. Sometimes, the traumatic incidents we experience can be buried in all the hubbub leaving us little or no time to reconcile and move on from them. In some cases, we repress our feelings about these issues, which can often result in doing more harm in our selves than good. Phil McKewin of the Personal Empowerment Institute recognizes this problem and encounters it daily as the creator of “Authentic Power”, a series of workshops focused on understanding these feelings and expanding our quality of life by dealing with problems otherwise suppressed- either consciously or sub-consciously. Mr McKewin has studied extensively the effects of this self harming behaviour and dedicated his life to teaching people how to enhance relationships and discover their true essence of themselves as an individual.
Mr McKewin has traveled the East Coast of Australia holding these workshops on discovering our “Authentic Power”, and has so far been met with great success. “These workshops are life changing, transformational”, he said. “I focus on helping people rebuild their self esteem and confidence by examining their relationship with others- good and bad. I guarantee that you will not be the same after this thought provoking presentation.”

The program is based on the notion that our experiences up until the age of 7 will eventually shape our personalities in adulthood. As our young minds are forming we become conditioned by our experiences and the roles we play within our family, and this can contribute to possibly destructive behaviour throughout our lives.
For instance a child who feels responsible for a parents actions may carry these feelings of guilt or stress into adulthood, which can result in control issues, low self esteem and problems with adult relationships. Mr McKewin says we perpetuate these patterns throughout our lives, as we seek to ‘try again’ at that difficult relationship. “This occurs even to the point where we ‘create’ a mother and father figure outside the family as adults.” Phil says “This person will often have an unusual amount of influence on our opinions and actions, mostly without even knowing it.” Alternatively, when a child feels pressure to come to the rescue of those around him, he may carry this identity later into life by creating a similar profession for himself.
The ideology of the Authentic Power workshops is : “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us”. This motto is the cornerstone of the program, as the healing process can only begin when we shut out the distractions of everyday life and turn our focus inward.

“These bad habits can be so damaging because we are often afraid to change our patterns,” Mr McKewin says. Change is always difficult and when it is related to the often sensitive subject of childhood experiences, the protective subconscious tends to take over to avoid further stress. The objective of the workshops is to understand why we do this and combat the problem. We want to focus on improving the quality of life-we should be giving 100% everyday of our lives. If we are not currently experiencing the relationships you desire, there is something you can do about it. The Authentic Power Evening will be held in Newcastle on June 18th. Phone 02 49 599 885 for further details.