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Have you set your intentions for the year?
Welcome to the
February 2008
It's hard to believe that nearly a month of 2008 has already come and gone. Research shows that some of the most successful people always know exactly what they want and how they are going to get there.

2008 brings with it a fertile soil for you  to set your intentions and to make this year your year of profound commitment and transformation. We have each made hundreds of resolutions throughout our brief time on this planet, but only some of them grew into life-affirming behaviors.
How can we replicate those steps that turned an idea into a desire to change and ultimately to transformation?

See below in thought of the month for more on setting our intentions.

Coming up this month we are commencing our "Questioning Truth" series. See below for more on this......

We also kick off the "Cinema For The Soul" Friday 1st February. We have some great movies for this year particularly for the month of February. See below for details. Come and join us and enjoy the comforts of the now 2 level cinema. Dean has been working hard over the xmas break to make the cinema a little more comfortable. Also thanks to Daniel & Rob for their hard work as well.
So come and check it out.

Phil is also planning on starting a mens group possibly in March. Although he has some clear direction on what he would like to do, he is also open to hearing from men as to what they would like out of connecting with such a group.

I wish you great peace and joy


- This months Events
- Cinema For The Soul
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- Social Gatherings

This Months Events
You can book online, contact us by email or phone 0249 599885

Questioning Truth 

CAREY BAY: Monday evenings commencing Monday 4th February 2008

Have you ever sat down with an inspiring group of path finders and questioned TRUTH and Universal Principles in all aspects of life with the influence of discourses from the cutting edge teachers available on the planet today?

Every Monday evening you will have the opportunity to grow, be inspired and be heard if you should so choose, with your valuable point of view on subjects such as living in the present moment, increasing consciousness and awareness, connecting with your purpose.
The quality of influence will come from teachers like; Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Osho and teachers from the Secret and What the Bleep do we Know!

Time:  7.00pm to 10.00pm

Investment:  $15 night

More information... 
 Click here for more info

Cinema For The Soul

Movies that Inspire Truth


Fri 1st and Fri 8th – ECKHART TOLLE with stillness amidst the world - 2 parts. Tolle explores in depth the concept of stillness and how to achieve it. Only by doing so can transformation occur. Stillness offers a doorway into the Now and to true personal enlightenment. Too often, people become trapped in their mind-created sense of self.
Fri 15th and Fri 22nd – ESTER HICKS & ABRAHAM with Law of Attraction in action - 2 parts.
Here Esther Hicks (from the Secret) present the teachings of Abraham. The Law of Attraction is never more evident than in this Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing Workshop. A more detailed   analysis of "The Law." And how do emotion and matter interact?
In this film, award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines "one of the great secret narratives of the industrial era; how a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant   of the cold war was added to our drinking water."

Cost $5.00 Starts 7.30pm Open Forum Discussion after every Movie                          
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
Please book online

Thought Of The Month:  Your personal empowerment tip

The first step is our willingness to let go of whatever has held us down or kept us from achieving what we truly want. Sometimes we want to create change so deeply, yet we haven’t given ourselves permission to step out of the old pattern or behavior which keeps us rooted in the past. Those behaviors, rituals, and ways of being have become such an integrated part of who we are that releasing them might actually make us feel like we are in withdrawal. But  “Despite what has happened up until now, we are capable of writing a better next chapter.”

Amazing and wonderful things await us if: 1) We acknowledge we are worthy of them; and 2) we give ourselves permission to release the old and receive the new. As we embrace these concepts, then the seeds of our desires will indeed begin to sprout.  Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. Whatever you take your attention away from will wither, disintegrate and disappear.”

Let’s make a commitment right now to move our attention from what doesn’t nourish us to what does; from what no longer serves us to what will; from what has held us back to what will make things easier; from 2007 to 2008.

Social Gatherings:

We are meeting before the "Cinema For The Soul" commences for the year for a bite to eat. We'd love you to join us for a vegetarian meal and a catch up.

Where: Hare Krishna Restaurant,
When: Friday 1st February 6pm-7pm (before the cinema. See above for what's screening.)

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