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  If you could do anything with your life, knowing you couldn't fail, what would it be?  Welcome to the August
2008 Newsletter

The moment you ask yourself a question like this, a question that you truly may not know the answer to, you open yourself up to a world of brand new 
possibilities, and
you invite yourself on an adventure into the unknown. Your growth, your potential and your evolution exist in this unknown mystery and only by exploring the unknown, do you awaken their possibility. So, if the quality of your questions can alter your everyday reality, what kind of questions are you asking yourself? 

Your questions arise out of your beliefs about yourself and generate actions that create your reality. Because your questions are habitually the same everyday, your reality tends to cycle  through 
familiar patterns,
over and over again. And unless you change the quality of your questions, the quailty of your answers, and therefore the quality of your life, will remain the same.

My next question for you then is: Q.Are you willing to ask yourself some deeper questions? and Q.Are you willing to receive an answer you may not like?... What if the answer brings changes that shift your perceptions?. ..makes you feel uncomfortable?.. invites chaos into your controlled, safe world?...and what if journeying into the unknown means letting go of something, or someone that you love?... It takes courage and bravery to ask deeper questions and it takes even more courage to live the answers

The power to to change your life lies within you and can be accessed by learning to ask yourself some great questions. The upcoming 'Authentic Self' Weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to learn what these questions are and receive guidance and support with finding the answers that will set you free and put you on course, to living your best life.


Have a transformational month


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Transform your life in a single weekend 
'Exploring the Authentic Self ' Experiential Weekend


Wallsend: 9-10 August

1. When you can take responsibility for creating your life, you own the power to change it
2. Develop self esteem and self worth and share the richness within you with others 

3. Gain self confidence and grow through the challenge of seeking worthwhile goals
4. Change the direction of your life by changing the questions you ask yourself
5. T
urn your fear into power and let your joy become your motivational force
6. Move beyond limiting patterns and experience the joy of personal freedom
7. Transform your relationships through the 
power of emotional honesty
8. Free yourself from your past and build a positive future

Booking details will be made available in next months newsletter

The 'Authentic Self Weekend' is Sponsored by Vital Source Energised Spring Water and The Personal Empowerment Institutute. The Weekend is offered by Donation and all donations will go towards projetcs withinour local community that are designed to empower, inspire and make a difference.

BOOKING details for October Weekend available in next months Newsletter
You can
book online, contact us by email or phone 0249 599885

The Pay it Forward Challenge!

Would you like to be amongst a group of extraordinary people who enjoy stimulating conversation, experiential learning, living their passion, consistent personal growth, contributing to others and being challenged to stretch out of comfort zones and really LIVE?

If your answer is YES...then you will want to be a part of our Pay it Forward Challenge.
Members will meet monthly in a grassroots challenge designed to access your most precious resource, the energy you bring to the world. You and I are stewards of the power of the human spirit that allows us to triumph over obstacles, love through pain and suffering, receive gifts from adversity and inspire hope, joy and everyday miracles through the grace we manifest when we care for soul and serve others. The more you take responsibility for the energy you bring to the world, the more empowered, spiritualy aligned, emotionally connected and meaningful your life becomes.

The September Newsletter will offer you details on how you can 
take your first steps in this most remarkable journey. 

Cinema for the Soul

Movies that Inspire Truth



Fri 1st QUANTUM HOLOGRAM & ESP by Edgar Mitchell Based on the latest research in quantum physics and a secret psychic experiment conducted by Mitchell on the Moon during his mission on Apollo 14.

 Fri 8th & 15th Parts 1, 2 & 3 FREEDOM or FASCISM: The Time to Choose by David Icke He will reveal who controls us, how and more importantly why we are controlled, manipulated and trapped in the five sense illusion of "reality" that we manifest as our everyday experience. 
Note; The second part of this series will be played on the Monday the 11th August at 7pm.

 Fri 22nd A CRUDE AWAKENING a documentary about the frighteningly central role of oil in our lives. Interviews with notable academics, experts and advisors from across the political, corporate and economic spectrum.

 Fri 29th - BLUE EYED Jane Elliot manages to build up a realistic microcosmos of society and its prejudice, ignorance and racism. What starts as a game turns into cruel reality. An excellent movie highlighting our judgements based on the colour of our skin.

Cost $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Starts 7.30pm Open discussion after every movie           
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movies or to book online click here

Ponder upon this:

When I can accept your quietness and not assume it is because of me,
When I can accept your anger and not react as if you are angry with me,
When I can allow you to be indifferent and not take it as an insult,
When I can be with you in company and not see your behaviour as a reflection on me,
When I can accept your swings of mood without needing to control,
When I can simply allow you to be you,
I will then be beyond ownership.
Then my dear friend not only will you really feel my love,
But I will have truly found freedom within me

Self Exploration:

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a controlling person?
Q: If yes, how do you control? (use money, anger, authority, jealousy, etc..)
Q. Why do you control? (afraid of rejection/failure, need to feel powerful,etc...)
Q: Who controls you? (dad/mum, partner, children food, alcohol, etc..)

Social Events

Picnic in the Park
Each month we will meet in a different park and we'd love you to come along!

Date: Saturday  Aug 16th, 2008
12 Noon for BYO picnic LUNCH
: ISLINGTON PARK, Maitland Rd, ISLINGTON. Meet near childrens play area.

(In case of rain or wild winds the Picnic will be cancelled)
Contact: Debbie 0413000456  |  Sharon 0425313309 


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