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The more YOU GIVE,
the more YOU LIVE!
Welcome to the September
2008 Newsletter

The Law of Giving
This law could also be called the Law of Giving and Receiving because the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Because your body and your mind and the universe are in constant and dynamic change, stopping the circulation of energy is like stopping the flow of blood. Whenever blood stops flowing, it begins to clot, to stagnate. That is why you must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence--or anything you want--circulating in your life. If our only intention is to hold on to our money and hoard it-since it's life energy, we will stop its circulation back into our lives as well. In order to keep that energy coming to us, we have to keep the energy circulating.

Thus, the more you give, the more you will receive. The best way to put The Law of Giving into operation is to make a decision that any time you come into contact with anyone, you will give them something. It doesn't have to be in the form of material things; it could be a flower, a compliment or a prayer. In fact, the most powerful forms of giving are non-material. The gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don't cost you anything".
....Exert from Deepak Chopra 7 Laws of Success.

To call yourself into action and start living and loving with the principles of this Law, I invite you to attend the special screening of the movie 'Pay it Forward' and stay back and hear all about our exciting new project, The 'Pay it Forward Challenge'.
(see details below)

Enjoy Springs new beginings this month


P.S. Due to underestimating the time needed to set up the foundation for sponsorship for future community programs, the planned workshops for 2008 have been postponed until next year. My apologies for any disapointment this may have caused.


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The Pay it Forward Challenge
A Heart Journey for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Movie: Pay it Forward, Friday 3rd October
Presented by Lani Neilson

This movie presents a worthy idea whose time has come. It's an idea that is possible to achieve and is profoundly inspiring. Choose someone who needs help and help them. Their only obligation is to "pay it forward" by helping at least three other people who must agree to help three others, etc. In other words you don't "pay it back" to the person who helped you, you extend to others the kind of help you have experienced, but in a way that helps them. What a concept! It is thought-provoking and it will inspire you to do the same. So, If you want to do your part to help change the world, come and see this movie and then begin to
follow the intelligent and introspective plan of young Trevor McKinney.

This is where our ‘Pay it Forward Challenge’ steps in!
We are setting up an opportunity for you to come together on a regular basis with others who have the same passion for giving and in a collective
'Giving Circle' we will encourage and empower each other to seek out opportunities to offer Acts of Kindness and ask those that we serve, to pay it forward.

You and I are stewards of the power of the human spirit that allows us to inspire hope, joy and everyday miracles through the grace we manifest when we care for soul and serve others. The more you take responsibility for the energy you bring to the world, the more empowered, spiritually aligned, emotionally connected and meaningful your life becomes.

If you would you like to be amongst a group of extraordinary people who enjoy stimulating conversation, experiential learning, living their passion, consistent personal growth, contributing to others and being challenged to stretch out of comfort zones and really LIVE, then attend this screening and find out how you can make this happen!

Cost $5.00 
7.30pm, discussion after movie and sign up for the Pay it Forward Challenge         
Venue - The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movie or to book online click here

Cinema for the Soul

Movies that Inspire Truth


Fri 5th Louise Hay INTERVIEWS from (You can heal your life) Powerful Interviews with Wayne Dyer,  Candace Pert, Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue & others.

Fri 12th David Icke at the OXFORD UNIVERSITY In this two-hour presentation David encapsulates humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events.

Fri 19th Who KILLED the ELECTRIC Car? This film investigates the death and resurrection of the electric car, as well    as the role of renewable energy; issues which affect everyone.

Fri 26th - The CELESTINE PROPHECY- Based on James Redfield's worldwide best-selling novel, The   Celestine Prophecy is a spiritual adventure film chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru.

Cost $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Starts 7.30pm Open discussion after every movie           
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movies or to book online click here

Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

This law says that you are a spiritual being that has taken manifestation in a physical form to fulfill a life purpose. You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it in a way is completely unique to you. Yes, there is something that 'you' can do better than anyone else in the whole world and for every one of your unique talents and unique expressions of that talent, there are also unique needs in the world for your talent. Expressing your talents to fulfill these unique needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.

Eg: 60 minutes recently had a story about man that was born with no arms and no legs. What is this man doing today? He travels the world as a minister and motivational speaker, inspiring others to be truimphant in life, and through the sharing his own life's story, he empowers them to be grateful for the gifts their adversity brings them and 
compels them to begin the journey of actualising their own dreams. 

There are three components to the Law of Dharma.
The first says that each of us is here to discover our true Self.
The second component is to express our unique talents for the benefit of all beings
The third component is service to humanity.

When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity,
then you make full use of the Law of Dharma.

Social Events

Picnic in the Park
Each month we will meet in a different park and we'd love you to come along!

Date: Saturday 13th Sept, 2008
12 Noon for BYO picnic LUNCH
: Jesmond Park,(meeting place- the kids play area, Robinson Ave car park off Newcastle Road)
ContactSharon 0425313309 (In case of rain or wild winds, picnic will be cancelled)

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