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Conscious Giving Welcome to the December
2008 Newsletter

Christmas is a time of giving and as we move into living in a time upon the earth when our awareness is awakening in all areas of our lives, the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time is no exception. The giving christmas giftscarries 
societies commercial pressures, as well as pressure and expectations from family and friends to give in a certain way.

For too many of us this is a time that we can easily go unconscious and give into these external pressures. So as you read this message, this may be your opportunity to check inside and give some thoughtful consideration to giving giifts that reach out and really touch someone. This can be as simple as making the gifts yourself and giving gifts that reflect what a person means to you, such as the offerign of those three words 'I love you". There are other gifts that also really make a difference. Gifts such as giving to charities and organisations that meet the needs of those that are challenged with simply giving the gift of life to themselves. 

Serving others with love and extending ourselves to care for the heart, mind, body and soul of another is the true spirit of Christmas.
So, reflecting upon this, what will you give this Christmas?

Have a joy-full Christmas!


You can
book online, contact us by email or phone 0249 599885

Who I am Makes a Difference Ribbons ! 
Fifty days ago a handful of inspired and excited people started something very big.
The 'Pay it Forward 50 Day Challenge' was launched and it's message of 'using your life to make a difference' sent ripples of love, hope and kindness out into Newcastle and the impact has been life changing. Every one in the challenge had unique and powerful gifts to share and with the added inspiration of handing out the "Who I am Makes a Difference" ribbons, opportunities to touch lives grew and grew. Each day, the momentum grows and the impact of the challenge and the giving of the ribbons continues to inspire others to share their gifts and "be the change they want to see in the world.  

To take the next step -
I have great news for those of you who would like to experience this for yourselves. The ribbons were SO successful that I have ordered more. If you would like to give a gift that keeps on giving ....click here 
For more about the inspiration behind giving the gift of these Ribbons....
click here 

Christmas Party
December 7th
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.


Come along and celebrate an awesome night of dance and celebration with Newcastles own SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST and great friend and guest of the Cinema 
Daniel is one of the greatest songwriters and recording artists this country has ever seen and we have him for one night of celebration, so come along and join us. There will be a special guest appearance by Ben Mceroy and others. Bring your own drinks and a plate to share. All are welcome!

Date: Sunday 7th December, 2008
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle
Cost: FREE and donations are welcome. .

Cinema for the Soul

Movies that Inspire Truth


5th Dec ECKHART TOLLE – The Flowering of Human Consciousness In clear language, Eckhart explains the process of entering the “miraculous” state of presence that is always available to us.

This is final movie for 2008. The Cinema will resume in Friday 13th February 2009.

Cost $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Starts 7.30pm Open discussion after every movie           
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movies or to book online click here

Your Personal Empowerment Tip

The focus of this year has been on conscious living and being aware of our daily habits, habits of thinking, emotional states, spiritual practice and lifestyle. To follow on from this and to flow with this newsletters message about conscious giving it is important to be aware of being conscious of our spending and consuming and the effects on the environment, and the world as a whole, when we practice this. As the holidays approach, think about ways that you can continue to be conscious of these habits. For example find ways to continue with holiday traditions and celebrations while still being environmentally friendly. Here are some ideas of how to do this:

  • Shop Local: Buying local boosts your local economy.
  • Shop Recycled: Look for items that contain recycled materials. Also, look for items with limited to no packaging and packaging that can be recycled.
  • Unplug: Try to avoid gifts that require electricity or batteries and limit your carbon footprint.
  • Gifts of Love: Makeyour own gifts.
  • Buy food from the local famers markets: Support local growers, buy Australian and  add flavour with no chemical to your christmas dinner.
  • Gifts that Keep on Giving:  You can give the gift of sustainability to rural communities all over the globe and/or support our local charities and organisations to provide food and nutrition for those in need within oyur local community. For example through Oxfam you can purchase a dozen chicks for $40, a pair of sheep for $90, or plant a farmer’s garden for $150 and in Newcastle you can donate food or your own time to several Soup Kitchen that will be offering Christmas dinner and the human face of kindness at christmas time.

Social Events

Picnic in the Park
Each month we will meet in a different park and we'd love you to come along!

Date: Saturday 20th December, 2008
12 Noon for BYO picnic LUNCH
: King Edward Park
Directions: Meet at the Rotunda

ContactSharon 0425313309 (In case of rain or wild winds, picnic will be cancelled)


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