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Alkalize or DIE! Welcome to the November
2009 Newsletter.

Yes it is true. If you don’t maintain a Ph of 7 or above you can say your goodbyes. I was sharing with my mother this week how disease of any kind cannot survive if you keep your pH consistently above 7.2. You will never ever get sick. Her response shocked me. She said in a raised voice “Why aren’t we EVER told that”.

The over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause OF ALL DISEASE! 

How do you know if you're overly acidic?

Do you ever get the flu or a cold, hay fever, sinusitis? Bacteria and viruses can only exist in an acidic body environment, not in an alkalized one.

Are you tired a lot?  Fatigue is probably the major symptom or complaint of an overly acidic body.

Are you overweight?  Dr Robert Young (a leading Dr in the research into Alkalizing your body) is most well known for his theory of the cause of overweight. He has shown that fat is actually an over-acidification problem.

Do you suffer Allergies? The toxins produced within an overly acidic, oxygen deprived body may contribute significantly to what are often called the symptoms of allergy.

Do you suffer from digestive difficulties, headaches, diabetes, aches and pains, arthritis etc? Virtually any disease can be contributed to an overly acidic body.

So how do you alkalize yourself?

·          Stay Hydrated and cleanse; Drinking sufficient alkaline water will neutralize harmful stored acid wastes and gently remove them from the tissues.

·          Alkaline Diet; A diet high in acid foods such as meat, dairy, grains, high sugar fruits and bread, causes acid wastes to build up in the body. The breakdown of this disposal process could also be called "the aging process". To slow down and reverse this process, one must begin by removing this over-acidification of the blood and tissues.   

·          Exercise; We consistently hear that we must exercise however it is vital in shifting acid wastes out of the tissues of the body. It doesn’t matter what you do just move….

·          Rest and Relaxation; Sleep, meditation, massage, yoga are all alkalizers.  Eliminate the acidifiers, which are fear, worry, anger, gossip, hatred and envy.  Seek help to deal with negative emotions.

As Dr Young puts it; “When you come to your Golden years you can experience them in a nursing home or you can be living in some exotic location around the world, in vibrant radiant health and sharing that experience with your loved ones.”   What do you choose? 

We are holding an evening in Newcastle to support people to take their health to the next level. See below for details.



An Evening about how to:
Alkalize your way to optimal health!

An event not to be missed if you are passionate about living!

Featuring first time screening of; The pH MIRACLE; Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by Dr Robert O Young.

OUR BODIES WERE DESIGNED TO BE HEALTHY, slender and energetic. We were intended to have smooth, supple skin and a quick, alert mind. Instead we are tired, sick, overweight and sluggish. WHY?

Come along and hear the answer to that question PLUS;

·          Understand why our bodies have become so acidic.

·          Learn the numerous benefits of alkalizing your body for greater health and longevity.

·          Empower yourself to learn exactly what you can do to Alkalize your body and never ever get sick.

·          Learn the benefits of hydrating your body by drinking Alkaline water which will be available on the night.

·          Have a free pH test on the spot to find out how acidic your body is. 

Dr Robert O. Young, Ph.D. is a leading microbiologist and nutritionist. In this movie he brings this New Biology to light, and helps you achieve the incredible health results of THE pH MIRACLE.

When; Wednesday November 25th
Cinema for the Soul,
32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle
Time; 7.00pm to 9.30pm. 
Price; $10.00 with movie. 


Most of us with WEIGHT WORRIES know only dieting or devouring everything in sight. But if you do neither, then the inner intelligence that has always been there is allowed to reveal itself, and it's what ends up guiding you.

After spending years of yo-yoing from 55 kilos up to 78 kilos and everywhere in between I finally learnt that to successfully free myself of my weight worries and reach a healthy desirable weight I had to have the courage to give up dieting. I had to stop listening to the “so called experts on weight loss” and start re-learning to trust myself to listen to my own inner guidance.

Join me over the next 4 weeks and you will learn;

·          Why most diets fail and how you can use your body’s guidance to get out of the most common diet traps.

·          How this approach works with your body and not against it like most diets do. No more out of control eating or ravenous hunger that seem to go hand in hand with dieting.

·          Practical tools to help you listen to your body so you never have to count fat, kilojoules or weigh or obsess about food again.

·          You can eat what you want, when you want it and still lose weight. You will no longer have the need to deny yourself which only ever leads to bingeing anyway.

Don’t wait until after Christmas.  Don’t waste another day of your precious life spending your energy on your weight worries.

Next Course; 4 Monday evenings commencing 16th November 7pm-9.30pm

                  To Book call Tracey; Phone; 49 530935  Mobile; 0414 724542 tracey@personalpower.com.au

Cost; ONLY $200. If you book and pay prior to Friday 13th November pay only $175. 


                                          Course Facilitator; Tracey Mullen


                 Specialising in Weight Management and Related Emotional Eating Issues

Cinema for the Soul
Movies that Inspire Truth



Fri 13th THE SECRETS OF SACRED SEX, a guide to love & intimacy.
Kerry & Diane Riley combine 2000 years of ancient lovemaking secrets with the most recent research into modern sexology.

Fri 27th FREEDOM and LIBERATION film. The film covers significant parts of the life of Shri Mataji , including the struggle for independence in India as well as the emergence of Sahaja Yoga.


Fri 11th PASS IT ON "Pass It On" have taken the World by storm, and are being talked about by millions of people in several languages across the world. Most people can follow the principles of "The Law of Attraction", but they don't have all the resources to allow their dreams to come true. Now, with Artemis and the "Pass It On" team you will gain specific strategies to move your life in a different direction!

Sun 13th CHRISTMAS PARTY Live music with a special guest artist and our close friend Daniel Arvidson. This will be a hoot of a night and a great way to complete 2009 with family and friends, all welcome. Starts at 7pm, bring a plate to share and a drink if you like.

Social Events

Picnic in the Park
Each month we will meet in a different park and we'd love you to come along!

Date: Saturday 21st November, 2009
Time: 12 Noon for BYO picnic LUNCH
: Stuart Park, Hinton. 

Contact:Contact: Sharon 0425313309 (In case of rain or wild winds, picnic will be cancelled)

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