Testimonials Authentic Power Weekend Seminar

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My gratitude to you all really can not be expressed. I have a lightness that I have never known. Everybody that I have come into contact with has commented that I look different. They just don't know how different I feel inside. I thought I had known happy and exciting times before, but nothing has been like this.

Thank you also for giving me a man who I loved so deeply and dearly already, but who now is a person who feels authentically with his heart, the love I now feel is immeasurable. I truly feel like the Goddess he now calls me.

The team offered an environment which was safe, allowing me to truly work and develop as an individual with no chance of feeling judged, belittled or made to feel anything less than accepted totally. If you totally give of yourself through the weekend the personal change in everything you do is truly amazing. Experiences of apprehension, self-doubt, fear and responsibility I had carried all my life have been removed and lifted from me. I now have a lightness and serenity I have not experienced before. I feel like weight that was so heavy and yet so natural, as I knew nothing else, has be lifted from me, leaving behind a free spirit who can truly embrace life with all of my being. Words can not express my gratitude to you all you have given me an unmeasurable gift of life.

Lee-Anne Deegan Edgeworth, Newcastle.


I would like to strongly recommend to anybody contemplating doing a personal power course to grab the opportunity with both hands. I went to the course because Lee-Anne, my wife, asked me to and also because from experience I know that if she is recommending something like this it will be very worthwhile. Here it is day three after the course and it has truly changed our lives. We used to eat dinner in front of the television. Now we talk. Lee-Anne is so excited about the instant changes this weekend has bought into our lives. Her relationship with her Mother used to leave her drained. Today she told me how spending time with her Mum was different. She simply spoke her truth when her Mum tried the old patterns to make her feel guilty. Another friend disappointed her, but instead of feeling crushed, as she once would have, Lee-Anne observed that she was unaffected. Incredible!

From my point of view I was not sure what I was going to get out of the weekend. I need to lose three stone, about 20kg and as a result of the weekend I have discarded one of my beliefs that 'Food makes me feel good' and replaced it with 'I choose when I feed good'. I have a goal to lose my weight by Christmas 2004, which is 14 months away. I shall share another story at that point. I used to operate from the mind. Now I speak from my heart. I feel freer and lighter. It is amazing to feel such a difference after an investment of just one weekend.

I must say that I feel very privileged to have been a part of a group, which made an atmosphere where several members of the group made dramatic breakthroughs, and huge leaps forward by the rest of us. To know that I was able to help in a small way in this is extremely satisfying. If you are contemplating the Authentic Power weekend just do it! And determine at the outset to give it your all. If you are like myself and my wife and the other people at the course we attended, you will benefit immensely and feel truly blessed.

Kevin Deegan, Newcastle, Australia


"Other workshops paled into insignificance once I'd experienced "Authentic Power". Why go the rest when you can go to the best. Phil McKewin is a master. This course is choc-full of goodies. I highly recommend it!"

Jo-Ann Keen -Newcastle


"This weekend was amazing, it helped me with problems I didn't really know I had. It was brilliant, it made me feel happier about myself."

Aaron Lovett, 15 - Newcastle


"MIND BLOWING . . . and extremely beneficial; to the point of having some difficulty articulating just how positive & helpful I feel this seminar has been for all involved. There is enormous long term benefits to come out of this seminar, as people now have the knowledge & skills (empowerment) to improve their general well being & functionality. One of the most inspiring & positive experiences I have had. I feel enormously grateful."

Rohan Dempster Clinical Psychologist, Australian Correctional Management W.A.


"As an artist and art teacher so much more work is coming through me and my work has improved dramatically since doing the course. I feel that if you operate from the heart as Phillip has shown us then life offers you so much more purpose, power and direction. Thank you again, your course was amazing and something I think everyone should do."

Mrs Annie McGarity, Gold Coast


"Dearest Tracey and Phil,

Thank you so much for the wonderful training and growing I have experienced these past four weeks.

It has been a great learning to watch others take small steps - some great steps and blossom - each different.

Thank you both once again.

I love you - Love yourselves.

Thank you for your time, light and love."

Deanna Scott, Helensvale


"This is my testimony of the experience I went through when attending the workshops run by Phillip McKewin and Tracey Mullen.

I'm a 62 year old woman. I have struggled all my life with loneliness, emptiness, depression, addictions (drink, cigarettes, coffee, work at one time or another) perfectionism, trying to be everything to everyone in my life, at the same time feeling unappreciated, unloved and resentful.

I have tried therapy at different times in my life without success.

I came to the last workshop with a lot of scepticism and apprehensions and find it difficult to open up. But other people in the group showed me the way and I got a strong feeling of being accepted without judgement, and unconditional love from both the facilitators and almost everyone in the room. Still all week I tried to find excuses to drop out.

I'm glad I didn't rob myself of the breakthrough that it turned out to be. With the help of the facilitators and support of the group of people I was drawn to, I was able to remember, accept, understand, and most importantly forgive.

To Phillip and Tracey and all the people in this group I will be eternally grateful. To everyone in the World do yourselves a favour find a Phillip and Tracey."

Gaby Vynka-Jay, Burleigh Waters


"Dear Phillip, Tracey and Leanne,

Over the years I have attended numerous personal growth courses and read many books. It was a gift and a delightful surprise to be invited to attend your course on Authentic Power.

Although the first day was slow I realise that it was necessary, as you say, to lay the ground work in order to create a safe environment and trust for some of the very personal and heavy work that some participants embarked upon. Certainly I found some issues that I have never dealt with which on the surface appeared insignificant. Using your tools and techniques and with the persistence of a skilled and supportive trainer I was finally able to release some deeply hidden pain and anger that had been there since my early childhood. It was the most incredibly powerful process I have ever done and pretty much left me at a loss for words for some time. I am truly grateful and relieved.

I would like to thank you all for your dedication, deep tremendous love, understanding and support for warriors working to free themselves of past psychological pain. Your work is invaluable and I wish you well in the future.

I love, honour and respect the life and light than shines within you."

Wendy Lee, Brisbane


"Thank you just doesn't seem enough to say when your program changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

When I began your four week program I had already done enormous amounts of inner and personal growth development so I thought I knew it all.

On the first day I found myself being challenged in ways I hadn't before and sometimes it was painful. Thank you to both of you for your amazing dedication to healing as you stretched me beyond the realms of my comfort zone and thinking mind and nudged me in the direction of my heart and feelings.

It wasn't just the healing that played such an important part it was also the support and encouragement to embrace greatness inside myself, that resides in all of us. Yet remains so elusive to so many and which holds us back from really feeling and being and celebrating the magnificent creations that we are.

It was through your divine dedication and commitment to helping me heal and grow that I have learned to commit to myself and to embrace the love that is indeed within me.

There are not words to describe how profound my healing has been and how much my life has taken a giant leap forward. The old me has died and it was painful to let go of. I was so scared that I would have nothing left, would be nothing. What I found was a richness and abundance and all encompassing knowing of my power, the innate power that is within all of us. And that I am everything, I only needed to peel back the layers and feel my real self.

I have no need to prove it to anyone and I know that all that I will ever need is within me. Thank you Phillip and Tracey you both helped me to discover that.

A priceless gift thank you.

My deepest blessings and gratitude."

Kelly Turner, Southport


“I have spent 50 years developing my mind. In one weekend I have contacted my heart. I am whole again. Trust your feelings- they are your true friend.”

Nick Koshnitsky – Gold Coast


“I came with doubts. I found some things about myself I would have had difficulty discovering by myself with my usual methods. The facilitators have skills I didn’t know existed, thank you for your insights, and for not intruding when I was exhausted. I have a long way to go, but it’s a damn good start. I have something to work from and work towards.”

Gayle Johnston – Terrigal


“This weekend was a fantastic experience. It’s made me confident that I can heal myself emotionally and resolve deep seated emotional issues over time. I will be able to find happiness if I’m sincere in wanting it. I know now that it’s possible. I got far more benefit from this weekend than I expected- the facilitators were very supportive and encouraging. Their sincerity, sensitivity and honesty is fantastic, thankyou.”

Phil Johnston - Terrigal


“I have been given the tool for me to use to learn more about myself. It was the hardest thing for me to deal with on the weekend, but I can not thankyou enough. I am going to tell my family I love them and apologise for the things I have done. Thankyou for helping me to go past my stories and look at the REAL issues. You have changed me from a nice' lady to a REAL lady. I love you for the gift.

Maureen O’Connor - Wollongong


"Initially I came along to share in my partners willingness to work on our relationship. Neither of us intended to bail and whilst a lot of emotional baggage was unburdened from our weary souls we now have all sorts of fun and workable tools to begin our journey a fresh and empower us along the way. We have real communication skills and I feel lighter and freer and more in love than I’ve felt in a long time. I feel amazing !"

Rachel Fiery- Adelaide


“This for me was an amazing journey into myself. I was able to learn & access information for me to be able to embrace the parts of myself to give me the opportunity to shine in life. Incredible support and love was shown from everyone. I thank you for all the blessings that I was given over this weekend. A wonderful gift Thankyou.”

Sharon Morgan
Rainbow Runner - Newcastle.


“I was absolutely blown away by the depth of healing ability and understanding you guys had for each individual soul. I have a sincere gratitude for being able to be part of this workshop. I have become so aware of myself and feel relieved to have dealt with lots of confusing issues in my life. I am also grateful to have been present to witness others get to the bottom of their pain and receive insight on how to deal with it. It was heaps of fun, even though I cried a lot. I am eternally grateful for your help, you are very gifted special healers and beautiful people.”

Christina Bashford - Newcastle


“It was exciting and fun”

Lanie Bashford- 8 year old, Newcastle.


“Incredible, my vision of life has widened. I now know that we all deserve to be happy. My sons came along, and it has helped in changing their lives about what it takes to be a man with love in his heart. I have taken another step towards my dreams and have more to go. This is my second workshop and each time I have learnt more. Life can be wonderful if we are honest with ourselves and follow our hearts.”

Theresa Gale - Newcastle


“Authentic Power is powerful stuff; empowering, uplifting, freeing, life changing. Authentic Power is definitely experiential. To fully appreciate and understand your full potential, is to experience Authentic Power. I began my ‘Authentic Power’ weekend as a ‘read all the personal empowerment books, got the knowledge and awareness’ type person. During the course of one weekend, I went through the actual physical experience of fully ‘taking action’, releasing life long patterns. I came away with a whole new reality-priceless! ‘Authentic Power’- the perfect pre requisite for adult life, compulsory ‘tertiary education’.”

Christine Atanassoff
Inspirational Enterprises


"Words are not enough to express the amazing experiences and insights that were given to me during the course of this workshop. Until last weekend I thought I was a reasonably well adjusted person - I had no idea how events in my childhood have detrimentally affected me and my relationships. Specifically, I have always had a lot of issues around, money and the lack of my ability to attract it into my life. One of my intentions in going to the workshop was to try to resolve those issues. The experience involved in resolving them was incredibly intense and absolutely transformational. The whole energy in my body has physically shifted and for the first time I can remember I wake up every day feeling excited about my life. In fact the very next day I sold two paintings! I cannot urge you enough to take one of Phil’s sessions if you want to transform your life. As a facilitator his work is amazing. The environment set up is one of total trust and safety and Phil and his team doesn’t balk at working with you until you break through your own barriers. Phil is so successful at what he does because not only has he a lot of experience in this field but he has distilled the essence and delivers it to us from the heart with no hidden agendas of his own. The tools you are given to work with achieve real outcomes and the money you pay is insignificant compared to what you will receive - in fact what I have been give this weekend is a priceless gift the worth of which is beyond any monetary price tag."

Bernadette Jennings, Creativity Consultant & Fine Artist - Gosford, Australia


“I have really enjoyed this weekend workshop, it’s been very practical and extremely helpful in helping me overcome my different barriers in life. Had not been to anything like this before, it was very powerful and beneficial. I believe I’ve truly changed for the better. The facilitators have been very encouraging, supportive and helpful in assisting with the transition from my old to my new self.”

Kathryn Spring. Newcastle


“I have found the weekend to be a very powerful experience. I can feel the energy that has been referred to all weekend. At the close of the weekend I feel a sense of peace. On arrival I was apprehensive and not feeling very open. Thankyou for giving me a safe environment to feel vulnerable and experience my pain and know that I can come through it. Thankyou Phil, Tracey and Lou for guiding me and supporting me down a scary road.”

Linda Coulter, Muswellbrook.


“Realisation, Realisation, Realisation, I realised many things I never knew existed in me and in achieving this I was able to plug so many thought patterns, behaviours, feelings etc together and see why they were there and why I am the way I am. I feel so in touch with myself and my feelings now thanks to this weekend. I loved being able to see other peoples energy and really feel it too. I have gained the tools to being able to really be who I am, which once put into action helped me see my real self which for awhile I know was lost.”

Toby, Newcastle.


“Thank you for helping me to understand, feel and express my feelings and my true self. With these weekends and your ongoing support I am able to take little steps everyday that get me closer to reaching my goals of self awareness and happiness with myself.”

Sally Carney, Newcastle


I thought the weekend was a fabulous opportunity for me to begin to look at who I really am. It was wonderful to be part of a group who really supported and were there for each other. I thought it was absolutely amazing, the greatest thing I have ever done. Thank you for providing a place where I didn't feel like I was being judged, and could be myself.
Although I was really scared about attending the weekend, it turned out to be one of the most positive and amazing things that I have ever done for myself. Thank you so much for everything.

Christine Meager, Gosford.


If you are really serious about making changes in your life, understanding how you deal with things, and wish to identify and then let go of the behavioral patterns you have been holding onto since child hood, then I would recommend attending one of Phil's personal empowerment weekends. It is only through doing this work that I have been able to identify my patterns and learn to love and forgive myself enough to be able to move on. Phil has the unique ability to support you to reach your own empowerment. I cannot recommend this weekend highly enough.

Bernadette Jennings, Central Coast, NSW.


Thankyou and Tracey very much for the weekend, it has done so much for me I can't describe it. Like I said even walking down the road with my head up was huge for me. This morning on the balcony I was listening to the crickets still going and it sounded beautiful, the air smelled beautiful, and the sunrise was amazing. I see everything now in a whole new wonderful and beautiful way and I thankyou both for giving me the support to make this happen.

Caroline Bos, South Coast, NSW.


My name is Michelle. I am a 38 year old mother with two beautiful children. I have had a successful business for 9 years leading women and helping women to find independence. For years i have suffered with the pattern of domestic and sexual violence within my own personal life so you can imagine the mask that i was wearing. I would go out into the world everyday professing freedom, independence and self confidence to thousands of women. Then when i would go home every evening i would take my mask off and prepare for the abuse that I would encounter at the hands of my husband. This was madness.and ....it was DESTROYING ME. I could not understand WHY I was allowing this to happen. Having attended the Authentic Self Workshop I now have information that HAS helped me to unlock this subconscious pattern that was occurring in my life. i had created a belief in my life because of childhood abuse and looking at this and working through my pain has now given me enormous freedom. We carry a lot with us as adults. i have learned so much from the Authentic Self weekend workshop. I know that i will succeed in my life in ALL areas. I now believe in myself and VALUE myself more than my abuser. It is my profound wish that you also find the freedom that i have from these workshops. Life is a choice, it is just too precious and so are you. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are not alone and there are answers......but you wont find them it self help books. ITS SO SIMPLE.......IT IS WITHIN YOU. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Choose LIFE not mearly to exist. When we allow ourselves to be all that god intended we unconsciously give others permission to shine also.

Michelle, Central Coast NSW.


I would like to say from a mans perspective, this weekend has been an amazing experience for me to get out of my head. Where I have managed to operate from for the most part of my life, which has only ever lead to more confusion & frustration. I have actually experienced my emotions and with that came a clarity I have never experienced before. I know my journey has just taken a whole new path, as a man I have always stayed away from my or should I say blocked my emotions but I now have the freedom to use them to my advantage. Thank you!

John Klopfer, Newcastle


It is great to be empowered with skills to shift the stuckness in my life. The part of my life that was missing & I was searching for is just behind the door. I have started to slowly, slowly peak behind and it is exciting. Thank you enormously for a 200% effort.
PS. I have had to do these things myself, but it has been a step to change myself for the better.

Robyn Birchnell, Newcastle


I am so excited about my future now!

I have been feeling lost and confused. No matter what I have learnt in the past I found the same issues, patterns & upsets would surface and shatter my hopes and dreams, I would find new direction and inspiration in different ways. Books, courses etc. (New hope) I would fully go for it with all my intention for this to be the answer. It never worked and now I no why. This weekend I have awakened to my patterns, seen fully how they work and felt the emotion they incite. I can see now with new understanding how I can break these dysfunctional patterns. Only then can I truly move forward. I feel I have made more progress this weekend than I have made in the last 20 years.

Christine Graham, Newcastle


What an awesome weekend!

Thank you Phil for offering such a great workshop. Words cannot describe the gift you have given to me through this workshop. It was definitely a powerful & enlightening experience.

Just do it!

Everybody should do a workshop like this. We are all carrying around so much stuff & it is great to clear it out. I know and feel so much lighter now after doing this weekend workshop.

Justine Pollard, Newcastle


Everyone on this planet should do one of these course. I have been on a journey of self discovery for a lot of years. Participating in the Authentic Power Weekend has put me in the fast lane of this journey. I feel like I have once more, thank God (and Phil) contacted my true self, the innocence and love encompassing all being. I have been shown some simple tools how to unravel behaviour patterns that often cause us to act inappropriately. I can continue my journey if I put the effort in and knowing how to. Thankyou to Phil, Tracey and Lani and all the other great souls for having the courage to be vulnerable.

Jim Norris, Newcastle


I went to the course to see what I could learn about “me” and to use it in my everyday life. I found it to be a very intense powerful time that enabled me to learn and understand old patterns, self worth, forgiveness, and being a victim plus much more. I came away from that course with a very deep understanding, newness and a real sparkle within myself by becoming aware of the patterns I had created and also by being able to forgive myself for creating them. I am now feeling totally free of restraints that I had put upon myself and I am looking forward to another weekend so I can learn even more about myself.

Lyn Norris, Newcastle


For me this weekend gave me huge growth and I was able to participate like I haven’t before. It was well organised, had great flow and variety and my favourite part was when we all ran about “doing what we weren’t allowed to do”. The venue was great. Top weekend.

Sharon Healey, Newcastle


The Authentic Power weekend has given me insight into some of the emotions I am holding onto without even realising it. It has also given me the opportunity to let go of some of these emotions.

The course is helping me to recognise patterns I use in my life that are not serving me and are leaving me stuck. These patterns cause a lot of pain in my life. I still need to do work around this to recognise and release these patterns. The course has given me tools to work on this and move free of negative beliefs.

Thank you Phil, Tracey and Lani for the time you have given me and your experiences you have shared with me to help me see where I am at. And also, what I can do to move to a more enlightened place within me.

Kelly, Newcastle


Amazing week-end, miles away form what I expected. So hard to describe, so hard at times and so fulfilling in the end that I can’t wait to see everyone in my family to experiencing it. Thanks again for this insightful week-end and thanks also for the follow-up.

Thuy-Anne, Sydney


The wow factor you speak about Phil is awesome, just awesome. To achieve that in such a fabulous environment is amazing. Your care, concern, encouragement and warmth backed up by Tracey and Lani is beautiful. You have provided an excellent opportunity for anyone to shed burdens and move on in life. This weekend was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

Judy, Newcastle


It was a surprise how intense emotions got. It brought out feelings in my life I didn’t even know were there. It has given me a more positive outlook for the future.

Julie-Ann, Newcastle


Well, it’s kind of like a decision to go on a long trek to the outskirts of your own city, to climb the mountain on the edge of town. You pack your bag and head off. Half way up you say to yourself “I just want to go home now, to the comfort of what I know”. But no, you push on and navigate your way to the top. When you arrive you see where you live from a completely different vantage point from ever before; there are things you’ve never noticed, a sense of clarity, of achievement, of conviction. There’s still the long journey home, but it’s a down hill climb, step by step to stay on the path home.

Chris, Newcastle


The gift has changed my life forever and I’m forever grateful. Once you get it, the power of it is moving.

Steve, Newcastle


The workshop helped me sort out things with my Dad and I felt very loving and comfortable amongst a group of people who understand about my feelings. I felt very sad at some stages and then at other moments I felt like yelling with joy.

Deverill Dixon 10 y/o – Newcastle


Phil, you are a master at what you do, both skillful and artful and full of compassion, belief and purpose. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to share the weekend with you, Tracey and all the other members of the group. You are all “True Gifts” to me and The Universe. I kindly acknowledge and thank you with all that I have to offer for the wonderful work that you are doing and the help you are giving to so many people and The Universe. I hope you are supported in your journey to continue these workshops so that others may benefit as I have and so that I can attend again to further my journey.

Barbara Leslie - Newcastle


Thanks for showing me the way to think with my heart. Opening my heart gives me the opportunity to improve relationships and get to know myself. This weekend has given me the tools to create a life full of abundance

Adelle Fletcher – Newcastle


Wow!! What a powerful & emotional ride. It was amazing how I was able to begin to let go of so many old “hang ups” from the past in such a non-threatening and supportive environment. I recommend that you all give it a try for yourself.

Rob Hughes – Newcastle


An extremely beneficial workshop that helped me take stock of myself as the first step in establishing a direction for the next stage of my life. It was not all smooth sailing, in fact, it was challenging and brought to the surface a lot of accumulated pain that I need to deal with in order tomove forward. The workshop format, the superb facilitation in a “safe” environment was excellent. Thank you Phil andTracey and in particular, the participants who were so supportive.

Mahomed Kader – Newcastle


Before it started, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad that I did end up doing this workshop because it had helped me to understand and given me some things to remember for life. Thank you Phil and Tracey for getting so involved with the weekend and for not treating us as more or less than everyone else. The workshop definitely taught me some skills for life. I can’t believe it’s over so soon!!!.

Richelle Dixon 12 y/o girl – Newcastle


A very worthwhile exercise to know yourself better and to improve your outlook on life. Come and meet the friends you didn’t know you had.

Allan Foy – Newcastle.


Extremely enlightening and thought provoking. It has added to my thoughts and direction for my future and given me hope to be able to add significant value to my life and my friends and family. The weekend was better than I had originally predicted. The friendships formed will be unique and a good reference benchmark for the continuing journey.

Ken McShane - Newcastle





“I found my second weekend course reaffirmed and built upon what I’d already learned during the first weekend, and it strengthened my resolve to keep trying to improve myself- to stay on that lifelong journey of self discovery. I want to enrich my life and those whom I care about, and you help me learn the tools I need to do this.”

Sally Carney, Newcastle.


“I really enjoyed it. This is my second workshop and I feel it was much easier to [participate. I have changed since the last one and am less confused about the process and its healing power. Am braver and less fearfull about speaking up when I’m having feelings. I get it! I really appreciate that the facilitators have chosen to embrace this process of honouring the feelings and expressing self. And that you feel passionate and courageous about taking it out into the world.”

Sharon Healey-Newcastle.


“It was very insightful, I felt that it will really help my relationships with the men in my life. And I really saw how my feelings have been projected onto my children and how my 8 year old daughter Lanie had such strong beliefs about her dad because of how I see him. And that would have affected her the rest of her life had she not come and dealt with it. I feel so glad to be able to help her understand him better. I also see how my mum projected her limiting beliefs onto me as well.”

Christina Bashford, Newcastle.


“It is a new experience every time I have come to one of these weekends. I have been to a few now and have also had one just for my family. Each time I have learnt how to be be me, and find out who I really am and what I really want. The rewards of the changes I have achieved have overflowed with my husband, and our relationship has blossomed and grown. I look forward to finding out more about myself and what I can become.”

Theresa Gale, Newcastle


“Wonderful. I have attended 6 workshops and they just get better.”

Aaron Lovett, Newcastle


“Absolutely fabulous as always, Thank you. I really enjoyed being here. Its great looking back to the first workshop I attended to see how far I’ve come. I’m a lot more relaxed, physically stronger, feeling more and more empowered, going from strength to strength. Definitely always peeling the layers of the onion.”

Christine Atanasoff, Newcastle


Having attended several Authentic Power Weekends before participated in this one wanting to discover more about myself and to give myself the opportunity to heal on a deeper level. I find myself stuck and unable to create the life I really want to be living. I know that old experiences still have power over me and I want to be free of that and be living in the now as much as possible. I was able to achieve some of that on the weekend. Thankyou.

Sharon, Newcastle


My 2nd Authentic Power Weekend I am so grateful for the truthfulness of all those here especially Phil, Tracey and Lani. A great, natural team. I feel strongly I am re-discovering me. It’s OK to be just me to feel & show others how I really feel. It’s OK to be childlike and vulnerable, to feel free and flow with the life flow, have fun and fly and if I crash I have the tools to heal and fly again.

Jim, Newcastle


This was my 2nd weekend workshop. What I got out of it was such depth and understanding of who we truly are, and how to set yourself free of all the past hurts, negative experiences an, loss of self worth and much more. To be able to feel free and peaceful was great. The information and tools I received is a true blessing to me that will continue to help me throughout my journey of life. The greatest gift given to me was that Tracey, Phil and Lani could care enough to take the time to help me see clearly through the many masks that I had created for myself.



The weekend workshop is just amazing. There are so many opportunities to make such powerful shifts in moving through the old patterns that were brought in at childhood which are so destructive and unserving. You just don’t get that from books. Phil and Tracey you are wonderful in opening up those opportunities. Thank you. Both times the group and activities have given so much energy and insight to what I want to take.

Judy Hughes – Newcastle.


The weekend was a huge acceleration towards freeing myself finally from my childhood programming and to forgive myself and others and to stay more with who I truly am. To realize through my heart that I am a part of all that is and that my learned behaviours and beliefs from childhood is not what I am. The children being a part of the weekend were a very special gift to me.
Thank you Tracey & Phil for your honesty, patience and dedication.

Jim Norris – Newcastle


I find every weekend that I do is invaluable. The levels of self awareness are truly amazing.

Graeme Cross – Newcastle


This is the 3rd time I’ve done this workshop and I’m filled with love, appreciation and expansion within myself and I believe this is because I am willing to take a look and feel what’s going on for me and also because of the beautiful steps Tracy and Phil take you into to get in touch with your true self. The depth of understanding more about myself comes only because I make a conscious decision to really look at what is going on for me. I thank Tracey, Phil and the group I met up within the workshop for the gifts I received, among which was “looking inside not outside”

Lynn Norris – Newcastle


I’ve received so much understanding about myself over this weekend. Now that I understand the process and feel safe and relaxed enough to look, layers of myself are revealing themselves for healing. With each new workshop that I do, I move closer and closer to freedom within. Thank you for your support and encouragement to gain personal empowerment.

Sharon Healey - Newcastle


Very powerful feelings of realisations. I feel so much lighter and when one sees the faces of the other people who have had some emotional realisations as well, you can see the difference after the first day. It is truly amazing. Emotional change at our core levels, dealing with childhood issues. It is possible and does work. You just have to change your consciousness and break old behaviour patterns.

Daniel Mark Gristwood – Newcastle


The weekend has gone so fast for me, sad it is over so soon. This is my second workshop and I didn’t think it could get any better than the first one. I thank the whole group of people that I shared the weekend workshop with and Tracey and Phil for their efforts in organizing it all. They are all a part of “memories” and “experiences” which I hold so dear and important for me in my life.

Debbie Dixon - Newcastle



“Dear Phillip, I am writing this letter to you in great thanks in the work you and Phil did for my family and I last weekend. I wasn’t sure what to think when my younger sister called me about a month ago to attend one of your seminars. My thoughts were should I go or not, having over the last 6 months a very tenuous relationship with my sisters over some real estate our father has left us. Coming from a broken home life I have seen psychologists, a psychiatrist, family counsellors, read books on personal empowerment and been to many powerful self-awareness seminars, to overcome stress and depression. I had nothing to lose and maybe something to gain, so I bit the bullet and went, saying to myself “I can leave whenever I choose.” I am glad I went and stayed because in my opinion not one of the previous methods worked so powerfully in resolving my issues that have been a constant worry to me for over 35 years. I knew my sisters, brother and I had life issues but to bring them in this somewhat practical workshop atmosphere and deal with them so directly has just blown me away. Again many thanks that you have found one of the keys to personal empowerment and been able to impart them in a no nonsense way is a personal and family saviour.”

Paul Chappell. Newcastle


“In August 2004 I attended a Family workshop with four of my grown children and three grand children. It was not something I was looking forward to, due to the level of antagonism, anger and blame towards me by some of my children. But taking courage in the fact that this was something in our lives that needed airing in a safe environment I went to this weekend. The workshop facilitators did a great job in keeping us all-safe from our anger in order to talk over how we felt. An understanding of each of our feelings past and present evolved during this time. I thank my family and myself for the courage we all shared at the weekend, and the facilitators for protecting us during this weekend. This therapy I recommend as a great way to bring healing into a family.”

Anna Chappell, Sydney. (Mother)


“This August I participated in a family retreat co-facilitated by Phil McKewin & Tracey Mullen during a recent trip back home to Australia to visit my family.

The retreat has been an important turning point in the family dynamics for my siblings and I and has been the start of our ability to communicate better with each other. Many things that had gone unsaid or that had been misunderstood were addressed during the retreat. Since the retreat the communication among us has been more open and we have begun our healing journey. We also recognized the potential for our lives independently ad together as a family and agreed that we will participate in future retreats. We are encouraging those members who were unable to attend to seriously consider coming with us.

Phil is effective in his implementation of gestalt therapies. Together Phil and Tracey work to create a safe and nurturing environment where important self-work, healing and growth can take place.

I highly recommend these retreats to those who are frustrated with their progress and who desire to overcome past hurts and resentments. If you want to heal and move forward rather than stay stuck in the same old habits and self destructive behaviour that continue to cloud your life and impede your growth and ability to realize your potential, go to one of Phil and Tracey’s workshops.

My experience with the workshop not only allowed me to join with my family but it has also left me personally more effective in my business dealings because I have successfully begun clearing out “stuff” that was causing backlogs and barriers in my decision making ability.”

Fiona Marissa (Chappell)
Moseley USA