Lani Neilson


Lani has a personal and professional goal, which is to support each individual to experience and express the fullest version of their highest vision of themselves.

Speaker - Lani Neilson
Lani has been studying Self Realisation and Transformational sciences for over seventeen years. Her personal and professional quest has been to find practical answers to many of life's questions, in particular those that encompass the mind/body/spirit connection, and the fundamentals of mastering personal relationships.

She has accessed many of today's leading life strategists, and leaders in their particular fields of expertise, and continues to explore and develop new ways of awakening, embracing and celebrating the full potential that lies within every human being.

Lani has worked with thousands of people at very deep emotional levels. This has allowed her to gain enormous insight and understanding into the determinants and dynamics of human behaviour. She has acquired extensive experience in her field, and has demonstrated personal excellence in the following modalities; Gestalt Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Sacred Sexuality Teachings, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Psychotherapy, Emotional Release Work, Creative Visualisation, Inner Child Therapy, Family Systems Therapies and Rites of Passage.

She also is highly skilled in the body therapies of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Re-birthing, Breath Work, Hot Water Bodywork, Remedial, Tribal and Kahuna Massage, Emotional Release Bodywork, Yoga and Meditation Practise.

She brings all of this awareness together in order to present programs that offer a memorable experience to the participant.

Lani has achieved high standards of excellence and impeccability in her work, and as a powerful facilitator, she contributes greatly to the empowerment of the individuals that participate in the training's and workshops that she is currently presenting in Australia. She has attitudinal wealth and provides in-depth knowledge, personal and co-operative power, and organisational growth within the teams and business's that she also works with.

Lani shares her message via Presentations & Workshops throughout Australia and Internationally. Contact Us now for more information about the presentations and workshops or if you have any general questions.