Tracey Mullen



Specialising in Weight Management and Related Emotional Eating Issues

Tracey has a practical and down to earth approach that allows her to gently support people to live to their fullest potential, transform their lives by understanding and embracing themselves, and create their life consciously with love.

Speaker - Leanne Neilson
Having attended her first Personal Development Seminar at 19 years of age Tracey connected to her passion for Personal Growth. Fascinated by the potential of the Human Mind she continued to search for answers to the purpose of life, its meaning and our role in its unfolding. This led her to the body/mind/spirit connection and to the understanding that our thoughts, feelings and attitudes directly affect our state of wellness on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Through her own experience in dealing with years of dieting and emotional eating issues including bulimia Tracey has gained an incredible understanding of emotional eating and it’s related issues and what is required to heal it. This has led to her passion for supporting others to break the cycle of emotional eating.

In Tracey’s own words;
In order to truly break free from emotional eating we must be willing to go within to uncover the real issues of why we turn to food. We must understand how our own emotions, thoughts and behaviours are keeping us from successfully achieving our weight management goals in order to live a more healthy and fulfilling life.

Her studies include Diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Medical Science and Remedial Massage, Certificates in Massage and Certificates in Relaxation Massage, Touch For Health and Bowen Therapy. She is also experienced in Emotional Release Bodywork, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP Techniques, Relationship Counselling, Rebirthing Techniques, Chakra Breath Worth, Meditation and Visualisation Techniques, Dance and Movement and Tantric Philosophy.

Having worked with many people both individually and as a group facilitator, Tracey has gained incredible insight into our potential as human beings and she has an in depth understanding of why and how we function the way we do.

Her commitment to learning and her own personal experiences and encounters have given her knowledge and wisdom beyond her years.

Tracey shares her message via Presentations & Workshops throughout Australia and Internationally. Contact Us now for more information about the presentations and workshops or if you have any general questions.