EDITION 11 - Spring 2007

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Personal Empowerment Institute Newsletter


September 2007

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Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. 

We are so excited about bringing to you our new monthly newsletter. It is particularly relevant being spring as this is a time for new beginnings. Once again nature shows us by example what Spring is for. Everywhere you look around new beginnings are unfolding. Your gardens are beginning to bloom, animals are birthing their young and there is a warmth in the air mingled with the freshness of Spring. See our Personal Empowerment tip for more on this...

This is also a time for new beginnings for us here at the Personal Empowerment Institute. Our aim is to provide you with the most up to date information through workshops and programs we offer, regular newsletters, as well as movies that inspire truth at the 'Cinema for the Soul', to allow you and your families to live your lives with as much freedom, love and abundance that you choose. My heart feels full as we offer to you our new newsletter. It is full of information about what programs we offer, happenings at the Cinema, tips for Personal Empowerment and Social Events at which it is our desire to provide an opportunity for a community of like minded people all wanting the best out of themselves and their lives to come together on a regular basis.

In the calendar section, you will see a few new workshops that we are very excited to be offering. The 'Power Of Vulnerability' weekend workshop was born out of desire to share with people that in your Vulnerability lies your strength. Most people think that to be vulnerable is to be weak yet the opposite is actually true. Your ability to be vulnerable can and does set you free to be yourself no matter who you are communicating with. Our Body Energetics series is a powerful, hands on experience that will allow you to delve into the magical realm of your body consciousness! 

I hope you enjoy our newsletter, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

With love and vitality for the coming month,


Calendar of events


You can book online or contact us by

email or phone 0249 599885

Authentic Power Weekend

21st – 23rd September

One thing all ancient philosophies agree on is the teaching “Man Know Thyself”. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you will have with your Self. Your relationship with yourself forms the basis of all your relationships-romantic, family, friends, business, even your relationships to money and life. If you make this one functional the rest will follow. The purpose of this weekend is to deepen your connection to your self by making known your deeper limiting and negative Core Beliefs that are running your thinking hence your life.  As you begin to peel back the layers of your past, you will begin to find a sense of freedom in everything that you do in life, an opening up of your reality on all levels... Whether relationships, money, life purpose or inner fulfillment be your focus, everything will begin to flow with ease.

Time:  Friday evening 7.00pm to 11.00pm, Sat/Sun 9.30am to approximately 7.30pm

Venue:  Wallsend Community Health Centre, Nash St, Wallsend
Investment:  $595 

Re-attend: $200

 More information...  Click here

"MIND BLOWING, and extremely beneficial; to the point of having some difficulty articulating just how positive & helpful I feel this seminar has been for all involved. There is enormous long term benefits to come out of this seminar, as people now have the knowledge & skills (empowerment) to improve their general well being & functionality. One of the most inspiring & positive experiences I have had. I feel enormously grateful." Rohan Dempster Clinical Psychologist, Australian Correctional Management W.A.

What an awesome weekend! Thank you Phil for offering such a great workshop. Words cannot describe the gift you have given to me through this workshop. It was definitely a powerful & enlightening experience. Justine Pollard, Newcastle

I’ve received so much understanding about myself over this weekend. Now that I understand the process and feel safe and relaxed enough to look, layers of myself are revealing themselves for healing. With each new workshop that I do, I move closer and closer to freedom within. Thank you for your support and encouragement to gain personal empowerment. Sharon Healey - Newcastle
The "Power of Vulnerability" Weekend

NEWCASTLE: 13th – 14th  October

To be vulnerable is to operate from your real self. This is where you are true to yourself and your own needs. Most people think that to be vulnerable is to be weak yet the opposite is actually true. Your ability to be vulnerable can and does set you free to be yourself no matter who you are communicating with. During this 2 day workshop we will begin to explore the steps to accessing “The Power of Vulnerability.” You will begin to find your real self in expressing your core truth, explore the key to self confidence in every moment and discover how the phrase “Telling my truth heals myself and others” naturally works always. You will learn that in your Vulnerability lies your strength and how to discover what your truth is and how to express that appropriately.

Time:  9.30am to 6.00pm both days

Venue:  Wallsend Community Health Centre, Nash St, Wallsend
Investment:  $595 
If you have attended the Authentic Power Weekend, please ask Trace the special price to attend this weekend...

More information...  Click here for brochure

What I got out of it was such depth and understanding of who we truly are, and how to set yourself free of all the past hurts, negative experiences and, loss of self worth and much more. To be able to feel free and peaceful was great. The information and tools I received is a true blessing to me that will continue to help me throughout my journey of life.  Lyn Norris-Newcastle

SPECIAL OFFER: Ask Trace about special offer on booking into both of the above programs.  

Body Energetics Series

CAREY BAY: 6 Tuesday evenings commencing Tuesday 11th September

Bringing your subconscious mind (your body) into alignment with your conscious intent creating a world of freedom, ease and opportunity, Body Energetics is an exploration of the best ways to allow the body to release the limitations standing in the way of resolving core issues. Body Energetics integrates both traditional and esoteric bodywork methods from around the world, with a singular focus: a gentle, sensitive, non-invasive touch and a personalized approach to you. Body Energetics sees you, the client, as the true source of healing, and sees the client's way rather than the practitioner's way as the path to that healing.

Attend our “Body Energetics”  course and begin to explore some of the benefits experienced through Body Energetics which include: Increased self awareness, relief of pain, stress and tension, accelerated healing and injury recovery, and greater enjoyment of one’s physicality.

Time:  7.00pm to 10.00pm

Investment:  $150 paid in full prior to the course or $30 night

More information...  Click here for brochure

“By honoring the body as the ultimate truth-teller, Body Energetics is one of the most powerful tools available for empowerment and personal effectiveness in all areas of life.”


Cinema for the Soul
Movies that Inspire Truth


(Please note you will now only be notified of movies screening monthly) 

Fri 7th PSYCHIATRY: INDUSTRY of DEATH Through interviews within the mental health industry, this riveting documentary blazes the bright light of truth on the brutal pseudo-science and the multi-billion dollar fraud of psychiatry.

Fri 14th YOUR IMMORTAL BRAIN by Dr Joe Dispenza, he is a scientists from the film, What the BLEEP Do We Know!? The Film suggests that becoming a skilled observer may empower us to exercise a greater degree of mind over matter.

Fri 21st CONVERSATION with GOD- From the books by Neale Donald Walsch. Stephen Simon directs Henry Czerny in the story of a man who, reaching the lowest point in his life, asks God some very hard questions.

Fri 28th "The MAYAN CALENDAR - The Evolution Continues" - Ian Xel Lungold explains the basics  of the Mayan Calendar. Ian instead focuses more on the questions   of "What's Next Now that we know the Schedule " and "How to prepare oneself for the acceleration of consciousness.

Cost $5.00 Starts 7.30pm Open Forum Discussion after every Movie                          
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
Please book online

Personal Empowerment Tip

As I mentioned Spring is a time for new beginnings. Traditionally we “Spring Clean” after our months of Winter hibernation. We clean our homes, we plant new seeds in the ground to grow, we begin a lighter diet and start getting more active. It is a time for bringing fresh energy into your life, a time for you to plant your seeds and begin any projects you may have been thinking about. For some it may be a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, for others it may be a new business idea or career change. It may be simply committing to clearing out some clutter in the space you live in so new ideas can come in. 

Remember a clear space free of clutter equals a clear mind.  

Social Events

Our aim is to provide regular social gatherings so that we can connect and share with one another. In keeping with the Spring theme we thought it appropriate to organise a gathering in the bush. So on Sunday September 30th we are heading to the Watagan Mountains for a BYO BBQ lunch and bushwalk. We will meet at 10am, do some bushwalking then kick back and relax over a BBQ.

Please email us info@personalpower.com.au to confirm your attendance and I will send you details of exactly where we will be meeting and what to bring. We hope you will join us. 

Keep an eye out here for details of our Christmas get together. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions for a social gathering over the coming months.

Please forward this email to your friends however they won't be added to our contact list unless they choose to sign up.
Phil McKewin |Tracey Mullen | 02 4959 9885 | info@personalpower.com.au