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The Pay it Forward 50 Day Challenge Welcome to the October
2008 Newsletter

The BIG Question:Can a group of people use the principles revealed in the movies 'Pay it Forward' and 'The Secret', to focus their energy on becoming instruments of change, magnetise prosperity & manifest their dreams for 50 consecutive days ?

The Answer: Of Course we can!!!
Join Lani Neilson as we put into practice the The Law of Attraction and the Law of Giving and experience massive transformation as we invest our energies into nourishing lives, growing into our dreams and moving towards greater happiness, love, prosperity & limitless possibilities

The Next Step: This is a challenge that recognises that the more you give the more you receive & the more you live your full potential. So I ask you to ponder upon this question...Who will you become during this 50 day challenge when you consciously practice using your life to make a difference in this world? If your answer excites you, and even if it scares you, this is a great opportunity for you to start “Being the change you want to see in the world”

See below for details on how you can be involved in taking your life to a whole new level by participating in this 50 Day challenge

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The Pay it Forward 50 Day Challenge!
A Heart Journey for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Movie: Pay it Forward, Friday 3rd October
Challenge begins: 7th October, Toronto
Presented by Lani Neilson 

The intention of this challenge is to inspire and empower you to take consistent steps that will allow you to become an instrument for change in the world. You will also practice creating abundance in all aspects of your life, whilst opening your heart, igniting your spirit and raising your consciousness. As we come together as one, we will take part in awakening our planet to what Eckhart Tolle calls 'the New Earth'.

Why participate in this challenge
95% of people who see movies such as the secret and read self development books, do not follow through on these teachings. Recent research showed that most people don't even get past the third chapter in the books that they buy. So even though our intentions are good, our comfort zones, old conditioning and habits of scarcity soon arise in the body/mind and life returns to a familiar experience.

One thing I know for sure is that when you come together with a group of like minded people who are fully committed to change, you will grow in ways that you never believed were possible. And the momentum you generate
will inspire you, and those around you, to break through into new levels of awareness, aliveness and personal power. 

Every day you are given endless opportunities to give and make a difference, the question is; Q.Are you engaging these opportunities and putting the law of giving into action? 

How can you be involved 
  • Attend The 50-Day Pay it Forward Challenge launch on Friday 3rd October, hear more about the Challenge and register on the night. (details below)

  • If you are unable to attend the launch, yet would love to be a part of this challenge, contact Lani and register email | Phone Lani  02 4959 4349 | 0413 845 918 

  • Share this email with everyone you know and invite them to join you in this 50 Day challenge.
  • Challenge is FREE to participate in.

The 50-Day Pay it Forward Challenge Launch & Movie Screening

Cost $5.00 
7.30pm, discussion after movie and sign up for the Pay it Forward Challenge         
Venue - The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movie or to book online 
click here 

Cinema for the Soul

Movies that Inspire Truth


Fri 3rd THE ‘PAY IT FORWARD’ CHALLENGE  This movie presents a worthy idea whose time has come. It's an   idea that is possible to achieve and is profoundly inspiring & we are giving you the opportunity to put it’s message INTO ACTION!

Fri 10th The SACRED PROSTITUTE takes us into a world where sexual energy is a catalyst rather than an obstacle in a spiritual quest & where ‘sexual’ & the ‘spiritual’ are basically the same.

Fri 17th Dr EMOTO - The TRUE POWER of WATER What if water records our moods, our emotions and is the very barometer of our feelings and thoughts?

Fri 24th BARAKA is ultimately a visualisation of the inter-relatedness humans share with the Earth. Set to the life-affirming rhythms of varied religious rituals and nature's own raw beat.

Fri 31st The Deepest Truth of HUMAN TRUTH - Eckhart Tolle from the ego position of the mind to surrender to the Now. What grace to see the very thing that seems to be limiting you on all sides is the doorway to presence.

Cost $5.00 unless stated otherwise. Starts 7.30pm Open discussion after every movie           
The Royal Exchange, 32 -34 Bolton St, Newcastle.
For more information on the movies or to book online click here

Stepping out of your comfort zones

Hiding inside your comfort zone is a good way to prevent yourself from ever experiencing anything that will offer you growth, real adventure, freedom, uniqueness and contact with your spirit. Pushing past your fears can be tricky, ultimately though, living in the mystery is what life’s all about.

Tips for Getting Started

1.       Discipline - It can take practice to place yourself into experiences that your emotions, your mind and your body want to avoid. Discipline yourself by slowly choosing to takeout a section of your day/ week for exploring new ideas, meeting new people and having new experiences.

2.       Curiosity - The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.Throw away your assumptions and expectations about what will happen and get curious instead.

3.       Find a Safety Net - Kids sometimes carry around blankets or stuffed toys to comfort them in unfamiliar environments. Use the same principle with your friends. Bring along a person who will be supportive of you to help reduce the stress. Don’t be afraid to fly solo, but make it easier on yourself if you can.

4.       Open Your Mind - Don’t label certain activities as adventures and others as work. What you are doing right now is an adventure. You will find a lot more opportunities for exploration if you get rid of expectations about the types of adventures you’ll find.

5.       Use Your Social Network - People are gateways to new adventures, expand your social network and you can get unusual opportunities you probably would not have considered before.

6.        Accept the Nervousness - Don’t try to control how you feel. You can feel nervous or uncertain and still move forward.

Social Events

Picnic in the Park
Each month we will meet in a different park and we'd love you to come along!

Date: Saturday 11th Oct, 2008
12 Noon for BYO picnic LUNCH
: Civic Park (meeting place- The Fountain).
ContactSharon 0425313309 (In case of rain or wild winds, picnic will be cancelled)

Please forward this email to your friends however they won't be added to our contact list unless they choose to 
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